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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for
 Her Scottish Mistake by Michele de Winton! xoxo

Title: Her Scottish Mistake
Author: Michele de Winton
Series: Perfect Escape, #1
Publication Date: April 10th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Lovestruck, Contemporary, Romance

Aspiring blogger Janie Milan is finally on her dream trip to Thailand. But when an unfortunate piña colada incident lands her in the path of a hot Scotsman, Janie finds herself dying to find out what’s under his kilt. Only the frustratingly sexy man isn’t who he’s pretending to be…

After cutting a deal to keep his brother safe, Scottish heartthrob Blaine Galloway is hiding from the press. But his secret identity starts to slip the second he meets small-town blogger, Janie. Now the press is hot on their heels and Blaine’s life is tumbling into a tabloid-sponsored hell. Coincidence? He’s not so sure.

Janie looked the guy dead in the eyes again and boom, her ovaries practically melted. The way those blue eyes looked at her? Lethal. The light shifted, and through the lust fug clouding her vision like fog, she changed her mind. They weren’t blue eyes. They were some sort of crazy, ocean full of sequins with blue curaçao punch mixed together eyes. And were they sparkling? Hells yes they were. It took everything she had not to melt into a blubbering mess, but she’d promised herself she wasn’t going to do that ever again, so she straightened. She could talk to men. She would talk to men. That was part of what she came here for.

“Boston, cute name. Not very Texan, but cute. What sort of dog is he?”

Gawd, that accent. What was it, Scottish? Did someone forget to tell McDashing that this was Thailand and not the set of Outlander? “A stupid one,” she said keeping her voice as steady as she could as she waited for the lust fog to lift. “Likes to chase mice down holes down at the tractor sheds and gets stuck with his ass waving in the air all the time.”

He chuckled, and those eyes were sparkling and they were looking at her like she was supposed to say something more. Like she should do something. Hell, those eyes almost wrapped her up and took her to bed. Girlfriend, you need to sit down a second. Guy could be a serial killer and you’re lust-whoring after his eyes and insisting he come to your room? Since when do you do that? Janie gave herself a little shake. She’d clearly only just gotten out of Little Acre in time before she lost all sense of reason. Putting a hand to her stomach, she tried to still what felt like a giant herd of Thai elephants rather than butterflies trampling through her intestines. What the heck was that? There were no feels to be felt here. She blinked hard to try and focus, and the lust fog finally lifted.

“Boston is a mongrel. Floppy thing, a bit like Ryan Gosling’s mutt. Not that you care about Ryan Gosling enough to know what his dog looks like. Or even know who Ryan Gosling is. Still, Boston’s mine and despite his stupidity I love him to bits. Saved him from getting himself shot.” Janie made herself shut up. Oversharing much? “Anyway. I’m Janie. My room is over there, I’m as normal as a steering wheel on a tractor, and you’re still dripping.” She pointed to his shirt.

He looked down and sighed. “So I am.” Unbuttoning the first couple of buttons, he pulled the shirt over his head to reveal an intricate tattoo that took up most of his left chest and shoulder. And also… Holy six-pack of heaven. Her fingers itched to touch it, to smooth the dampness away. The elephants in her stomach trumpeted their agreement.

Then he put his hand in his shorts pocket. “Och, damn and bollocks.”

“What?” Janie managed to get the words out past the saliva. Heck, at least she wasn’t openly drooling.

“My cell. It’s got your cocktail on it.”


Her Scottish Mistake is the first book in the Perfect Escape series by Michele de Winton. It is a light and cute reading -maybe, it is too light for me yet I did enjoy it. Plus, it is a well-written story with a plot very distinctive.

Janie and Blaine are perfect for each other and there is not deny from my part about them being together because they deserve it. However, Blaine can be a little too... carried along with facts he is not really sure they are true. I liked Janie's character, but I did not feel that connection with her and her feelings or her thoughts, she was very well described and I know there is someone on the world who would love her -apart from Blaine- but it is not me. I loved how their story ended, and I think his Scottish charming is very lovely when it has to be. Plus, the stories they lived together were fascinating.

As I said this is a cute, light, Scottish reading with many good things to not read it and enjoy every part of it. If you like Scottish men I am sure you would love it.

Book: +4 love-is-everywhere stars!

It’s no wonder that Michele’s first romance has a little sparkle of the stage tucked into its pages as she was a performer long before she got adicted to the page. Being a writer was not what she was supposed to be when she ‘grew up’ but then neither was a dancer. Her poor parents. They thought that when she toddled off to law school they’d bred a responsible, useful adult and instead they got a performer and word junkie.

She now writes full time in a studio surrounded by the whisper of wind in the trees and only intermittent interruptions from her young son, husband and hunger pangs. She’s based in New Zealand (land of beaches and hobbits) loves chocolate, yoga, sunshine, her boys and happy endings.

You can get in touch through facebook or twitter or through her website and blog

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#BlogTour | #Review: THE ATTRACTION OF ADELINE by Lisa Wells + #Giveaway #Excerpt

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for
 The Attraction of Adeline by Lisa Wells! xoxo

Title: The Attraction of Adeline
Author: Lisa Wells
Series: Off-the-Wall Proposal #2
Publication Date: April 10th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Lovestruck, Contemporary, Romance, Comedy

The Proposal: Adeline Rigby will live with Accountant Jack Foster and pretend to be his fake fiancée for one month in order for him to seal a promotion to partner. In return, Accountant Jack Foster will intimately tutor Adeline Rigby in French before she leaves for Paris where she will fulfill her dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu.

The Terms:

1. Maintain distance. Three get-to-know-you dates before announcing their engagement will be tempting enough.
2. No kissing. Okay, fine. Three kisses. Maybe four. And neck kisses don’t count.
3. No touchy feely stuff. Or at least not too many public displays of touchy-feely stuff.
4. No sex.
5. All right, all right. One night of sex in order to be a believable engaged couple.
6. Two nights of mind-blowing sex to make sure first night wasn’t a fluke.
7. Absolutely, positively, no falling in love.

"Sis, you didn't tell me your infamous roommate from college would be at your signing."

"I'm pretty sure I did. You just weren't listening."

He turned back to Adeline. "Tell me, Adie, have you been in any bar fights lately?"

Adeline gave Kinley a three-watt stare. A hundred-wattage one would have hurt. "You told him about that?" One sorority against another sorority. Adeline belonged to neither, but she somehow ended up blamed for the St. Patrick's Day brawl. Simply because she blurted to one posse of sorority sisters that they looked like a bunch of pink leprechauns. Which they did.

Of course, they'd assumed she was a member of the other sorority.

And then someone spilled a drink on one of the leprechauns. It may or may not have been Adeline.

Kinley cleared her throat. "I—”

"Red, didn't my little sister ever tell you she can't keep a secret?" Jack said, interrupting Kinley. "Hell, she can't keep her own secrets let alone someone else's. Just ask her husband."

Adeline twisted and used the pole to pull herself, hand-over-hand, into a standing position. "I go by Adie or Adeline. Not Red."

Kinley pulled out a chair. "Sit." She sounded as bossy as Charlie.

Adeline sat.

Kinley turned to her brother. "I've explained to Adeline that you are in need of a pretend fiancée."

Jack groaned. "Sis, I told you I can find one on my own."

“Why would you go looking for one when there’s a perfectly normal and nice woman sitting in front of you? Now, you two talk while I go see if there’s some ice in the kitchen.” Kinley took off leaving them alone.

Adeline eye-balled Jack.

Jack gave her a gentle smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t let my sister browbeat you into anything.” He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. Adeline tried to control her breathing in an attempt to keep her breasts from heaving in a come-hither manner, but it was useless. Something about this man’s voice drove her to the brink.

His thumb lightly grazed over her cheek, before he gently touched her brow.

She winced.

"You're going to have a headache tomorrow," he said, his warm breath whispering against her temple.

She resisted an urge to trace her face where he'd touched. Was he trying to cast a spell on her? "With those powers of observation, your momma should have called you Einstein.”

He chuckled. "And the woman has a healthy helping of spice to go with her dollop of nice.” He held up two fingers. “Follow my fingers." He moved them from side to side.

Adeline followed, reminding herself she had goals. A distraction wasn’t on her laminated to-do list.

Jack made her follow his fingers three more times and then stopped. A pulse beat in his cheek as he stared intently into her eyes.

Was he going to kiss her? Was that a step in assessing head injuries these days? Adeline's tongue darted out to lick her lips. You know...just in case.

"You should never be a man’s pretend fiancée. Only his real fiancée," he said in a low whisper, before he sat back in his chair and broke off their gaze.

The Attractions of Adeline is the second standalone book in the Off-the-Wall Proposal series by Lisa Wells; I have already read its first book and it was a good reading. Now, I like comedy in books, there is something that appeals more to me when reading with a smile on my face because of the funny scenes or moments. This is also a short reading - I finished it pretty fast, sometimes I do not like when a story finishes because I am too deep into it, however I was pleased with how things ended.

Adeline and Jack are very likeable characters -specially she and her non-filter attitude which is nothing bad because it is not with bad intentions, it just seems she cannot stop to think before saying the first thing that pops into her mind. Yet, she knows what she has to do, and she is loyal to keep her promises in order to keep other people's trust. And Jack, well, he is a persona that I could like if he were real. Both are a perfect match, and they are... so cute together. Lovely!

As you can see I enjoyed this reading, maybe there were some kind of things I did not like but at the end I think it is worth to read. A cute, hot, funny, and adorable reading that I totally recommend if you like this kind of books. And of course I am looking forward to reading another of Lisa's books.

Book: +4 whatever-comes-out stars!

Buy Link for The Seduction of Kinley Foster (Off-the-Wall Proposal, #1):

Lisa Wells always knew there would come a time in her life when she’d pursue her dream career as a romance author. This is that time. Before this moment, she’s enjoyed a rollercoaster journey called – The Middle School Counselor – Dramas, Dreams, and Destinies. After many years of working with teenage girls, she knows when one comes in baffled because another girl hates her, the first question to ask is – “Did you steal her boyfriend?” Nine times out of ten the answer is some form of yes but…. While Lisa enjoys working with adolescents, she writes for adults. Her books contain: Sex, Scowls & Sass.

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Blog Tour

#BlogTour | #Review: DON'T KISS THE MESSENGER by Katie Ray + #Giveaway

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for
 Don't kiss the messenger by Katie Ray! c:

Title: Don't kiss the messenger
Author: Katie Ray
Series: Edge Lake High School, #1
Publication Date: April 10th, 2017

For most of her teenage life, CeCe Edmonds has been dealing with the stares and the not-so-polite whispers that follow her around Edgelake High. So she has a large scar on her face—Harry Potter had one on his forehead and people still liked him.

CeCe never cared about her looks—until Emmett Brady, transfer student and football darling, becomes her literature critique partner. The only problem? Emmett is blindsided by Bryn DeNeuville, CeCe’s gorgeous and suddenly shy volleyball teammate. 

Bryn asks CeCe to help her compose messages that’ll charm Emmett. CeCe isn’t sure there’s anything in his head worth charming but agrees anyway—she’s a sucker for a good romance. Unfortunately, the more messages she sends and the more they run into each other, the more she realizes there’s plenty in his head, from food to literature. Too bad Emmett seems to be falling for the wrong girl… 

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book involves one fiercely scarred girl who wants the new guy in town, the new guy who thinks he wants the new girl, and the new girl who really isn’t sure what she wants, and the misunderstanding that brings them all together. You’ll laugh, you’ll swoon, you’ll fall in love.


I definitely love reading romance; and 'Don't kiss the messenger' is a worthy-reading book, plus this is the first book I have read written by Katie Ray and it was pretty good, it is a standalone and first book in the Edge Lake High School series -and I have no idea how many there will be.

CeCe and Emmett are very alike characters, they were into the same kind of things, and they were so good for each other even if one of them could not see it crystal clear. However, what is a romance book without drama and broken hearts? Nothing. Okay -It is true, she has war marks from when she was younger, and I cannot exactly identify with her in that level (how she feels when it comes to them), yet it seems I am on her side when it is about CeCe expressing her feelings and thoughts through messages -of course not into the lies but kind of. Emmett, he has his own past but it was not that bad. He was cute described which I appreciate because it was the perfect character for CeCe, however he was very impulsive when it was time to confront the facts behind what was happening.

I really liked this book, YA or NA romance are my favorite genre; Katie did a pretty good job with the plot, maybe it was a little too much sometimes but at least I enjoyed it. A cute, lovely, funny reading about a story which demonstrates that self-acceptance goes on the top in life. And of course, I am looking forward to the second book!
Book: +4 love-is-stronger stars!

Katie Ray (also known by her previous author name, Katie Kacvinsky) writes teen and new adult fiction novels. Her books have been nominated for YALSA awards, and First Comes Love was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Her screenplay, A High Note, was a semifinalist in the Austin Screenplay Competition in 2015. She currently lives in Ashland, Wisconsin with her husband, two children, and a slightly insane dog.
WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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