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Blog Tour | Review: SIX MONTH RULE by A.J. Pine + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Welcome again to another blog tour, this time I'm happy to have you in my #ReviewTourStop for an incredible story!
Six Month Rule by A.J. Pine :)

Title: Six Month Rule
Author: A.J. Pine
Series: Kingston Ale House, #2
Publication Date: July 18, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled, Select Contemporary, Romance

She created the game, but the rules are about to change.
Taurus: Hold fast to your single-minded nature today—no matter how long her legs or how lush her red lips.
Gemini: You were a shining star last night, but reality can be a real—well, you get the picture. Just remember: Tall, dark, and British equals no corner office for you.

Will Evans never wanted a reason to stay.

Holly Chandler wants nothing more than for him to go.

But neither one is prepared for what can happen in six months. Because it doesn’t matter what you want when what you need walks out the door.

Holly’s been busting her butt to make partner at Trousseau and there’s no way she’s going to let some stuck-up British arsehole get in her way—no matter how drop-dead gorgeous he is. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun in the process. She has a six-month rule: date just long enough for the honeymoon phase to wear off, then walk away before anyone gets hurt. If they both know the rules up front, walking away will be a piece of cake. Or maybe not…

*SIX MONTH RULE is a stand alone book in a connected series.

Holly’s eyes trailed from the soft, black leather of the loafer to the cuff of the slate-colored pants expertly cut to fit these legs and these legs only. Then there was the jacket and vest, same color, each buttoned snug over a lean, taut torso. Holly thanked the stars, every last constellation, for perfectly tailored suits. And vests. What was it about a man in a vest?

“Thank you.”

Holly’s head shot up to see the words directed at an older woman whose finger depressed the door-open button. The voice was deep and buttercream smooth. And was that…an English accent?

Her ovaries might have just gone supernova, but she could hold it together for one more floor. Holly Chandler wasn’t a girl to lose it in an elevator, no matter how much those two words, spoken in that voice, with that accent, melted her insides.

This drought was going to kill her. Maybe another go with Charlie wasn’t the worst idea.

When the circle of white light lit up the number five, Holly let out a long breath. The doors opened, and she exited with all the other folk who were on their way to a caffeine boost. As she did, she caught Mr. Ferragamo checking out her four-inch peep-toe booties, and a surge of confidence jolted her back to the Holly she knew she was.

“Like what you see?” she asked, stopping to glance down the length of her own legs to where his eyes still rested. This brought his head up with a snap, and a dark wave tumbled onto his forehead before he finger-combed it back into place.

He cleared his throat. “You pull off last season’s design well enough, but I’d have gone for the red,” he said, and those words, despite the velvet ribbon they were tied up in, pieced her insides right back together.

Holly smoothed out a nonexistent wrinkle from her dress as she brushed past him, ovaries once again intact.

“Ass,” she muttered under her breath, and then let the promise of a hazelnut double pump patch up the tiny puncture in her bubble. Of course she could pull off last season’s design. She could rock the hell out of last season’s freaking design, because all she could afford right now were the free samples. But in less than an hour that would all change. The first thing she would buy with her new salary would be next season’s Jimmy Choos. But they sure as hell would not be red.

You can read my review of the first book here -> THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY's Review
You can follow the tour here -> SIX MONTH RULE TOUR
I was really looking forward to read a new story by A.J. because I liked the one I'd read, so when this book appeared I couldn't say no to read it. And if you haven't read any of her stories you surely could give them a try. This book can be read as a standalone but THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY was great even if it took me a little to finish it, so if you read it before or after SIX MONTH RULE is not a big deal.

This time we have Will Evans and Holly Chandler. Holly is determined to have what she wants any way she wants, and no-one can stop her of get it; I like girls with personalities and positive attitudes so reading her life was fascinating. And then there's Will, he's bloody sexy -at least that's how I dreamed him; as Holly he has his priorities well-set. Both have similarities when it comes to the way they do and make things, but in other aspects they're completely different, along the story we can crystal-clear see why opposites attract even when stars are not in their favor. But the way in which everything goes in their life takes their love-story to a new level. From the beginning their personalities collided, and as the time goes they start to spend more and more time together, something that develops to become full aware of new things, things they didn't know they wanted until it was too late... or not.

Fall in love is not something any of us can control, and when we see some people just trying to not fall, sometimes that's kind of funny because of what they do to deny it even if it's already settled; but at the same time we have a completely different story -not in this book- because when we know/see people who actually is not in love but infatuated, okay, that's not funny at all, due to all the bad things that situation can lead to, or just the bad decisions they could make/do when they're in that period of time when all seem right.

Anyways, SIX MONTH RULE has many things I like/love, a plot with an intriguing twist, characters with personalities that make such a good story, situations that lead to others in a fantastic way, people that fit together even if they didn't think they were destined, etc, etc. It let me wanting more, because I think six months were too short for my liking, but I know why there wasn't more time and I understood but still don't like. Okay, so, I know there are a plenty of books with... similarities to this one, but is A.J. who we're talking about, she can give you twists that can catch you off guard so far.

Rules are made to break them. If you create them you have to respect them. Rules are there for something. Etc, etc. But at the end, whatever you do with said rules, and however things end when you break or respect them, love can't be ruled.

SIX MONTH RULE is a light, sexy, funny, sweet contemporary romance that everyone has to try. And A.J. is becoming one of my favorite authors because she can create such amazing things. Her writing in this book was awesome. I love these characters so what else can I say? Just that you could read it and see how things are.

Book: +5/5 stars


How far will one man go for the woman he's loved since high school?

Jamie Kingston has been Brynn Chandler's best friend since middle school. Only once was their friendship tested—when Brynn gave Jamie a single kiss. Since then, they've had an unspoken agreement never to cross that line again, and she’s ready to let go of the past and move on.

But Jamie has loved Brynn for as long as he can remember, and now that he's ready to tell her, she has her sights set on someone else. Knowing this is his last chance, he asks Brynn to go on a two-week road trip. But their time alone brings old hurts to the surface, and Brynn has to decide if the one that got away lies at the end of the journey or if he's been by her side all along. 
Buy: Amazon | Paperback | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
Meet the author!
AJ Pine writes stories to break readers’ hearts, but don’t worry—she’ll mend them with a happily ever after. As an English teacher and a librarian, AJ has always surrounded herself with books. All her favorites have one big commonality–romance. Naturally, her books have the same. When she’s not writing, she’s of course reading. Then there’s online shopping (everything from groceries to shoes) and, of course, a tiny bit of TV where she nourishes her undying love of vampires and superheroes. And in the midst of all of this, you’ll also find her hanging with her family in the Chicago burbs.


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Book Review 'Unrequited' By anna harris

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A lil bit about Anna Harris
Anna Harris is an Australian author I met through my bookstagram and was delighted by the way we communicated with each other. I noticed right away that she is very nice person with the bit we talked. I was glad she was able to send me her book 'Unrequited' an be able to make a honest review about it.

Book Review

'Unrequited' is a novella that was in such short pages became highly intense. When I first received the book I knew right I was going to finish it because of the short amount of pages but I never did believe I would actually feel scared at times. The novella dealt with a beauty of a girl that could be actually dangerous. With Eve falling in love with a bad boy and receiving mysterious calls from someone who is stalking her can cause serious problems. After Eve father's death she was very sad but when she spots a bad boy outside of her school they both immediately seem to have chemistry. But with the stalker calling her and scaring her it was creating difficulty to move forward with her romance with Shannon (The bad boy).  With parts in the book that actually scared me and made me just want to know what happened its what I believe made me finish even faster. I highly recommend this book and recommend to not read at night.

Thanks again Anna for trusting me and sending me your book and wish to work again with your work!

Contact me

Email - Gessellebooks@gmail.com
GoodReads- Gesselle Velez- Payamps
Bookstagram- @gessellebooks

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Blog Tour

Blog Tour | Review: HOW TO KEEP ROLLING AFTER A FALL by Karole Cozzo

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Welcome, welcome...
Happy to have you here today in my #ReviewTourStop for an amazing story with a beautiful cover :)

How To Keep Rolling After A Fall by Karole Cozzo!

Title: How to Keep Rolling After a Fall 
Author: Karole Cozzo
Publication date: August 2nd 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

After a cyber bullying incident turns her life upside down, a handsome wheelchair rugby player shows a former mean girl that everyone deserves a second chance in this swoon-worthy new novel from the author of How to Say I Love You Out Loud.

The party was at her house. The photos were posted to her Facebook account. That’s all the evidence anyone needed to condemn Nikki Baylor for a cyberbullying incident that humiliated a classmate and nearly resulted in the girl’s suicide. Now Nikki’s been expelled from her old school, her friends have abandoned her, and even her own parents can’t look her in the eye. With her plans for the future all but destroyed, Nikki resigns herself to being the girl everyone hates – almost as much as she hates herself. But then Nikki meets Pax, a spirited wheelchair rugby player who knows what it’s like when one mistake completely shatters your life. Refusing to judge her because of her past, he shows her that everyone deserves a second chance… and everyone deserves to be loved.


Since some time I've been reading more YA from what I intended, that's not bad at all, but sometimes YA can be a little repetitive if you really think about, so when I find a book where the plot is not completely new BUT the whole story hits me as nothing I've read before... the feeling is so indescribable that I completely fall in love with the book itself.

How To Keep Rolling After A Fall is a book not just with a beautiful cover but a fantastic story between pages, a story that comes with a very-realistic problem existing in our world—cyberbullying, but this time from a different perspective. Karole wrote a cute, light, quick romance, with many parts that join together to form a whole.

Nikki met Pax in a moment in her life where due to other people's bad choices and hers let her with no friends, and going through a new school where they all seemed to know what she did —or rather what she didn't. Not everything is what it seems, but it seems that when it's your house and social medium, you couldn't truly blame others for don not believe in you... until, there is. Pax is a spirited wheelchair rugby player and someone in which Nikki can trust.

She gets blamed for everything and everyone —even her family; and because of that, she blames herself but for a different reason... for not telling the true true or at least for being kind-of-good and doesn't tell who really was or were. The other girl went through such horrible things that almost got herself killed, and... well, I don't know what I'd do in her place, so I can't really say a lot from that situation. But what I can say is... I felt bad because for other people's errors another is blamed and that's not cool at all.

Anyways, I loved Pax's character, he's that ray of light in the dark, he's the one who brings happiness into her life. But at the same time he didn't wanted to be a lot into her, I totally understood him, however, he didn't disappoint me and he helped her... a lot; also, he saw what other people didn't; and even when he had his own problems to deal with; he was there for her, to support her, to protect her from their demons.

This book is full of deep feelings, emotions —good and bad ones, sadness, guilty, but overall... love. And not just for others but for themselves. There were moments where I didn't really want to finish it, but I knew from the very beginning that it was going to hit me really hard. In general, all was well-described, things were said how they really were, and she did really make a good job with this book so I'll be absolutely reading another in the future. If you happen to like YA romance, you need to read How To Keep Rolling After A Fall. And if you don't... then you need to read it anyways. 

Book: +4.9/5 stars

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes
You can follow the tour here!
Meet the author!

KAROLE COZZO is a school psychologist by day, a wife and mother of two by night, and a writer of YA romance in the wee hours of the morning. She loves camping out at Starbucks, breakfast cereal at all hours, and watching every movie made from her favorite YA books. How to Say I Love You Out Loud is her debut novel.


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Release Day: GRAHAM by Natalie Decker + Giveaway

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Happy Release Day to
Graham by Natalie Decker!
Join us in celebrating this release from Swoon Romance!
Enter the giveaway found at the end of the post.
Happy Book Birthday, Natalie!

Title: Graham
Author: Natalie Decker 
Series: Scandalous Boys, #2
Release Date: 
July 26, 2016
Publisher: Swoon Romance

Graham Nichols’s main goal in life is to forget. Getting high, completely wasted, and running through a string of sexy blonds daily helps him achieve this task. But one night of partying lands him in a heap of trouble and sent back to the confinements of his hometown. Things can’t possibly get worse, right?

Sarah Morris can’t seem to run fast enough away from her past. She’s spent months trying to amend her ways, and is doing a pretty good job. She’s getting good grades, isn’t acting like a spoiled brat, and even works at the local grocery store. The last thing she needs is a distraction.

Enter Graham Nichols, the one mistake Sarah can’t escape.

Pre-Order: Amazon
Meet the author!

Natalie Decker is the author of the bestselling YA series RIVAL LOVE. She loves oceans, sunsets, sand between her toes, and carefree days. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. Her first passion for writing started at age twelve when she had to write a poem for English class. However, seventh grade wasn’t her favorite time and books were her source of comfort. She took all college prep classes in High school, and attended the University of Akron. Although she studied Mathematics she never lost her passion for writing or her comfort in books. She’s a huge Denver Broncos fan, loves football, a mean cook in the kitchen, loves her family and friends and misses her dog infinity times infinity. If she’s not writing, reading, traveling, hanging out with her family and friends, then she’s off having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!

Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

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Review: NO ONE DIES IN THE GARDEN OF SYN by Micheal Seidelman

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                             By: Micheal Seidelman 

Synthia (Syn) Wade is a teenage girl who struggles with cystic fibrosis, an incurable life-threatening disease. One day she is pushed into a pond by an unseen figure and wakes up in a new world – a mysterious garden where illness and death don’t exist.

Welcomed by the garden’s residents and now free of her symptoms, Syn decides to stay. But, before long, she realizes that this apparent utopia holds many dangers and dark secrets.

Surrounding the garden is a fog that Syn is warned never to enter. She encounters bizarre creatures that defy reason. And always lurking in the shadows is a masked woman - a woman who may have a connection to the disappearance of Syn’s parents many years ago. A woman whom no one will speak of, but whom everyone fears.

While No One Dies in the Garden of Syn, Syn will soon discover that some fates are worse than death.

Book Review

The Book 'NO ONE DIES IN THE GARDEN OF SYN' (Book One of The Garden of Syn trilogy) surrounds the life of a teenager named Syn short for (Synthia) who suffers from a disease named cystic fibrosis which is a bad disease that creates mucus and gives the person trouble with breathing. Her parents disappeared at a very young age with her disease following up to her and with the wish of possibly knowing what happened to her parents she is pushed out of nowhere into her garden's pond in which she comes to discover a new world. 

Once entering this world 'The Garden' she notices that she is free of the disease and while staying in this location she would be completely healthy. But while staying there she notices something strange and begins to questions things that happen at The Garden. She questions who pushed in the pond? where is she exactly and how can she get home. Also through navigating the garden she comes to see a mysterious woman who wears a mask and whom everyone is scared of and no ones talk about. 

In the notice of the mysterious fogs she believes that if she goes through those fogs she could possibly be able to go back home but then again she does not want to return to the life of a weak sick child. In the process of staying in such a peaceful place, she gets to meet such nice people but not always are those people truly nice. 

The book at first was slow for me because it seemed like the welcoming to the Garden took forever and the discovery of the masked women but, then at the end I understood why the author did it the way he did. The writing format was easy to understand and I loved the way the author described the disease in such a way that you did not have to be a doctor to understand. 

The ending had his twist which left me surprised definitely and I simply can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy. 

Good Job Micheal! :)

P.S Thank You for trusting me in reviewing your book and sending it to me! 
About the Author
Micheal Seidelman starting at a very young age he grew up with a love of reading, watching movies, enjoying nature, and creative writing. With the time that did not change and a couple of years later he followed his love of creative writing and began his journey in creating his first masterpiece which was The Garden of Syn trilogy.

Micheal is currently writing the continuation to the trilogy and has many many ideas to share with the world! He was born in Vancouver, BC Canada where he continues to reside.

For Information in regards to this wonderful author, you can join his mailing list at www.michealseidelman.com. Also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

Remember to follow up on my current reads you can add me on 

-GoodReads: Gesselle Velez- Payamps 
-Email: Gessellebooks@gmail.com
-Bookstagram: @gessellebooks

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Review: Colors Of Immortality by J.M. Muller

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I was given an ARC of Colors Of Immortality by J.M. Muller in exchange for an honest review and that's what I plan to do. So let's get started :-)

Pages 257

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Thatcher has accepted some hard truths. He knows his parents are junkies, his ex-girlfriend’s a cheater, and he’s one write-up away from losing his job. But what he’s unwilling to accept is that his friend,Tony, skipped town for no reason. So when Daniel finds a map Tony left behind, he follows it to a remote section of the Cascade Mountains.

It’s a land filled with haunting shadows and crowded trees—an area untouched by man. Or so Daniel thinks. Not long after arriving in the woods, Daniel discovers inhabitants living in the heart of the forest. Despite their peculiar behavior, the reclusive residents posses an allure that goes far beyond their beauty. But beneath their lovely exterior rests a sinister secret, one that’s both lethal and tragic.

It seems the dead don’t always stay buried. Now Daniel’s forced to accept the hardest truth of all: monsters do exist, and if they have it their way, he’ll soon become one of them


First things first, I just want to say that Ms.Muller is one awesome lady. She is kind and polite. Now on to my thought of Colors Of Immortality. This was a great and amazing read! Every page was mind gripping. I didn't want to put it down. The main character Daniel Thatcher is a wild card driven by his emotions. He set himself on a course to find answers, and this leads him on a dangerous path. The beginning of the story had me at first. I was relived it wasn't just a book of teenage heart break and redemption. But it was actually pretty dark and mysterious. With a light hint of Gore and romance. Which in my opinion is perfect.

I won't spill the beans on any major parts.. but I will say you might cry... Well I did with the lost of a certain character. Colors Of Immortality was a fast read for me because I couldn't put it down. Once you get into the swing of things you have to know what happens. And it certainly wasn't a disappointment. I can't wait for the sequel. 

My rating is a 5/5 stars
Meet the author!
J.M. Muller lives in Oregon with her husband, twin boys , and her darling fur babies. She has a plethora of skills (okay, that's a lie), but does enjoy writing and creating - to the very best of her abilities.

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Book Blitz

Book Blast: BECAUSE I LOVE YOU by Tori Rigby + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Hello readers!
Are you looking for your next read?
Well, let us help make things easier for you!
Welcome to the Book Blast for
Because I Love You by Tori Rigby
presented by Blaze Publishing!
Check out the teaser below, and be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
As a special treat, we’ve got another book that may tickle your fancy… What is it? Read on, dear reader, read on!

Title: Because I Love You
Author: Tori Rigby
Release Date: May 17, 2016
Publisher: Blaze Publishing

Eight weeks after sixteen-year-old Andie Hamilton gives her virginity to her best friend, “the stick” says she’s pregnant.

Her friends treat her like she’s carrying the plague, her classmates torture and ridicule her, and the boy she thought loved her doesn’t even care. Afraid to experience the next seven months alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, Neil Donaghue, a dark-haired, blue-eyed player. With him, she finds comfort and the support she desperately needs to make the hardest decision of her life: whether or not to keep the baby.

Then a tragic accident leads Andie to discover Neil’s keeping a secret that could dramatically alter their lives, and she's forced to make a choice. But after hearing her son’s heartbeat for the first time, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to let go.

What Readers Are Saying:
“emotional and heartfelt read” – Laura H (The Voluptuous Book Diva)
“one of the most amazing books I have ever read and a great contemporary read” KittyKat (Goodreads Reviewer)
“It's one of those books where everything worked really well together. The story. The characters. The relationships. And the writing. It was just so beautiful.” – Nicole (Bookish Thoughts)

Jodi squeezed my hand. “Do whatever you think is right. Your gut won’t lie. Mine sure didn’t, and look how you turned out.”

I smiled.

After a few more questions, like did I have any siblings—no—and where did my cousins live—just over the border into New Mexico—the guard announced our fifteen minutes were up. I fought the urge to cling to Jodi’s hand as she stood. I hadn’t spent nearly enough time with her.

“You write me. Let me know how you’re doing, ‘kay?”

I nodded, my mouth drying, and she backed out of the room with a wave. When the door from the visitation area to the cellblock closed, I covered my mouth, my chest hitching. Mom put her arm around my shoulders, and I leaned into her. I’d been so afraid that Jodi would have considered me a burden, that she would’ve hate me for ruining her life, like I originally loathed my baby for messing up mine. But that was so far from the reason she’d placed me for adoption.

“She had loved me, Mom,” I said, my voice shaking.

Meet the author!

Adopted at three-days-old by a construction worker and a stay at home mom, Tori Rigby grew up with her nose in a book and her fingers on piano keys, always awaiting the day she’d take her own adventure. Now, she goes on multiple journeys through her contemporary and historical romances. She longs to live in the Scottish Highlands, and her favorite place in history is Medieval England—she’d even give up her Internet and running water to go back in time! Tori also writes high-concept genre fiction as Vicki Leigh, and when she isn’t writing, she’s kicking butt in krav maga or attending classes to learn how to catch bad guys.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instragram | Tumblr | Goodreads

Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!


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Jojo Moyes

Reseña: YO ANTES DE TI de Jojo Moyes

July 14, 2016, 0 Comments | Comentarios

¡Hola! ¿Cómo ha estado su semana? Espero que muy bien :)
El día de hoy les traigo una nueva reseña como parte de los #JuevesDeReseñas, en esta ocasión es el tan renombrado libro de la autora Jojo Moyes, un libro que ha vendido millones de copias y ha sido traducido a varios idiomas. Estoy segura de que la mayoría ya lo ha leído o, de cierta forma, ha visto la adaptación cinematográfica.

Titulo: Yo antes de ti
Título original: Me Before You
Autora: Jojo Moyes
Serie: Me Before You, #1
Fecha de publicación original: 5 de enero, 2012

       Louisa Clark sabe muchas cosas. Sabe cuántos pasos hay entre la parada del autobús y su casa. Sabe que le gusta trabajar en el café Buttered Bun y sabe que quizá no quiera a su novio Patrick. Lo que Lou no sabe es que está a punto de perder su trabajo o que son sus pequeñas rutinas las que la mantienen en su sano juicio. Will Traynor sabe que un accidente de moto se llevó sus ganas de vivir. Sabe que ahora todo le parece insignificante y triste y sabe exactamente cómo va a solucionarlo. Lo que Will no sabe es que Lou está a punto de irrumpir en su mundo con una explosión de color. Y ninguno de los dos sabe que va a cambiar al otro para siempre. Yo antes de ti reúne a dos personas que no podrían tener menos en común en una novela conmovedoramente romántica con una pregunta: ¿Qué decidirías cuando hacer feliz a la persona a la que amas significa también destrozarte el corazón?

Opinión personal

       Yo antes de ti de la escritora británica Jojo Moyes es, sin dudas, uno de los libros que ha dado de qué hablar durante el último tiempo, ya que, si bien este año se estrenó la adaptación cinematográfica, este bestseller ha sido conocido por los amantes de la lectura y de las buenas historias desde hace ya varios años, basta decir que su primera publicación fue a comienzos del 2012. Todos sabemos, de una u otra forma, de qué se trata este libro, a pesar de que no lo hayan leído.
       Aunque solamente fue el mes pasado cuando por fin leí esta historia, recuerdo que hace unos años tuve un "encuentro cercano", en ese tiempo cuando el libro apenas se estaba haciendo conocido, la verdad es que la sinopsis no me llamó tanto la atención y aunque intenté leerlo, nuestro encuentro terminó antes del primer capítulo, por situaciones de la vida nunca quise retomarlo, eso hasta hace poco tiempo, un mes antes de que la película se estrenara para ser específica, es que al fin me di ánimos para leerlo, aproveché un dinero que tenía ahorrado y me conseguí un ejemplar, mi libro es el de la portada al comienzo de esta entrada, fue la que más me gustó de entre tantas que hay hoy en día. Comencé a leerlo, esta vez lo terminé, la verdad es que cuando ya me faltaban como tres capítulos, lo dejé de lado por casi una semana, y el día antes de ir a ver la película, volví a tomarlo y lo terminé.
       Así que como pueden ver, mi experiencia con este libro no ha sido la mejor, la historia, como muchos ya saben, es acerca de una mujer quien luego de perder su trabajo consigue uno nuevo cuidando, o más bien haciéndole compañía, a un hombre quien se encuentra en sillas de ruedas; muchas cosas suceden en el corto tiempo que pasan juntos, hay momentos tristes como también felices; pero lamentablemente, no todo es color de rosas cuando no eres el que tiene la última palabra.
       Existe una palabra con un significado bastante profundo y que por esa misma razón la relaciono bastante con este libro, es como cuando te piden que describas algo con una sola palabra, un tanto difícil, porque sinceramente, no conocemos todos los reales significados de tantos grupos de letras que se unen para formar lo que conocemos como palabras.
       Entonces, ¿qué palabra usaría para describirla?
       Infatuation (infatuación).
       Si no tienes la más remota idea de qué significa, te lo cuento con simple palabras:
       Infatuación (calco del inglés), hace referencia a un estado emocional que se caracteriza por el dejarse llevar por una pasión irracional, un amor adictivo. En este periodo la persona o personas sienten una urgencia y ansiedad, donde hay una extrema absorción del uno con el otro.
       No ha todo el mundo le puede gustar lo mismo, y eso es genial, en lo general, la historia me cautivó en su momento, me sacó una que otra lágrima y sonrisa, pero simplemente no me llegó como lo pensé. Quizás haya una explicación, pero sinceramente no planeo buscarla, para mí, quedarme con la historia es suficiente para que al fin de cuentas adore el libro y todo lo que este conlleva.
Libro: +4.5/5 estrellas

¿Sabes? En realidad solo podemos ayudar a alguien que quiere ser ayudado.
Recuerdo haber mirado las estrellas, sentirme desaparecer en esa profundidad infinita, mientras el suelo se tambaleaba con dulzura.
No sabía que la música era capaz de abrir puertas dentro de uno mismo, de transportarte a un lugar que ni el compositor habría previsto.
Solo se vive una vez. En realidad, es tu deber que sea una vida plena.
Adoro mi vida, aunque desearía que fuera diferente.
Hay amores que solo pueden vivir en tu corazón, no en tu vida.
Sé que esta no es una historia de amor convencional. Sé que hay todo tipo de razones por las que ni siquiera debería estar diciéndote esto. Pero te quiero.
Necesitaba decirle, en silencio, que las cosas cambian, crecen o se marchitan, pero que la vida continúa.

¡Conoce a la autora!
       Pauline Sara Jo Moyes 'Jojo Moyes' nació el 4 de agosto de 1969 en Maidstone, Kent, pero se crió en Londres. Hija única de Elizabeth J. McKee y James C. Moyes. Después de una carrera variada (que comprende periodos como controladora de minitaxi, mecanógrafa en braille de estatutos para ciegos de NatWest, o escribir folletos para el Club 18-30), hizo un graduado en el Royal Holloway y Bedford New College, de la Universidad de Londres. En 1992 ganó una beca financiada por el diario The Independent para asistir al curso de postgraduado de Periodismo en City University. Excepto en 1994 cuando trabajó en Hong Kong para el Sunday Morning Post, ha trabajado para The Independent durante 10 años, incluyendo períodos como asistente de editor de noticias y corresponsal de Artes y Medios. 
       Ha sido escritora a tiempo completo desde 2002, cuando su primer libro Sheltering Rain, fue publicado. Es autora de novelas como: Regreso a Irlanda, La casa de las olas, El viaje de las novias y de El bazar de los sueños. Con esta última novela fue nombrada en el 2003 novela del año por The Romantic Novelists Association. 
       Actualmente vive en una granja en Essex con su marido, el periodista Charles Arthur, y sus tres hijos.

       Y esta ha sido mi reseña del libro, espero que les haya gustado, para aquellos que ya lo han leído, ¿qué les pareció?

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Sábados de #tips

#Tips: Especial para autores I

July 09, 2016, 1 Comments | Comentarios

       Hace mucho tiempo que tenía planeada esta entrada, lamentablemente, los exámenes de final de semestre acapararon todo mi tiempo, ni siquiera puede leer, lo cual también justifica mi falta de reseñas, sin embargo, todo será recompensado, comenzando ahora...

       El día de hoy les traigo una entrada que estoy segura le encantará a todos aquellos autores, y bueno, también a los bloggers, que siempre han querido hacerlo pero no saben cómo. ¿De qué se trata? De páginas, tips, y todo lo relacionado a la promoción de vuestros libros. ¿Cómo es eso? Hay varios sitios webs, nuevos, desconocidos y otros ya bastantes familiares para algunos, que son de mucha ayuda a la hora de diseñar o hacer material para promocionar un libro o cualquier otra cosa.

       En la actualidad, algo fundamental para dar a conocer tu libro es la publicidad, esto siendo más importante o con mayor relevancia, si eres un autor independiente. Como ya mencioné, tenemos diversas páginas donde podemos editar y crear. Y aunque no lo crean ¡son sencillas de usar!

#Cosas básicas

  • Diferencia entre un archivo .jpg y uno .png
       Nuestras fotografías, en su mayoría, se encuentran con formato .jpg el cual es el más común, ya que las cámaras fotográficas lo utilizan; y, en palabras simples, el archivo .png es el formato que no tiene fondo... what?
       Para que quede aún más claro, vean el ejemplo.

       La imagen de arriba tiene un fondo de color, mientras que en la de abajo el fondo es transparente, por lo tanto, si quisiéramos utilizar una de estas imágenes en alguna edición, la primera no nos serviría porque el fondo nos molestaría, en cambio, la segunda sería perfecta.

#PickMonkey & Pixlr
       Pixlr es un editor de imágenes online simple y sencillo de usar, ideal para realizar algunos retoques a nuestras imágenes como: cambiar tamaño, rotar, recortar, invertir, polarizar, cambiar brillo y saturación, selección mágica, y muchos más efectos.

        PickMonkey es una herramienta online gratuita para todo lo que tiene que ver con la edición de imágenes y el retoque fotográfico. Es una alternativa a tener muy en cuenta por la gran cantidad de opciones que nos proporciona. Lamentablemente, hay varías opciones por las que cobra, pero con las herramientas gratuitas también se pueden hacer muchas cosas interesantes.

#Resultado esperado

       En esta ocasión utilizaremos ambas herramientas para poder conseguir estos resultados:

       Obviamente, pueden hacer otras cosas, simplemente mostraré cómo hacer cosas básicas como estas. Y ya cuando aprendan, pueden mezclar herramientas y crear un sin fin de lienzos.

#Conociendo PickMonkey

       PickMonkey nos da la opción de editar, retocar, crear y hacer un collage. En la opción de crear, podemos elegir el tamaño que queremos para nuestra imagen o seleccionar de entre las opciones que nos dan.

  • 1. Basic Edits: Aquí tenemos las herramientas básicas.
Crop, recortar la imagen.
Canvas Color, cambiar el color del fondo
Rotate, girar la imagen.
Colors, para cambiar el color de toda la imagen; si la quieres en blanco y negro, esta es tu herramienta.
Resize, para cambiar el tamaño del lienzo; hay que tener cuidado con esta herramienta, porque si quieres agrandar tu imagen tienes que cambiarla a proporción, puesto que si solo agrandas un lado, la imagen no lucirá como quieres y todo los efectos que le hayas hecho cambiarán de tamaño.
  • 2. Effects: tenemos todos los efectos posibles e imaginables, por lo general, el único que utilizo es Draw, que sirve para pintar algo de el color que quiero, además, si hay un color que me gusta, pero no sé su código, esta herramienta tiene una pequeña herramienta que es para saber el color con solo dar clic sobre él.
  • 3. Touch Up: Estas herramientas son para editar las fotografías que tienen rostros de personas, hay desde editar los labios hasta blanquear los dientes.
  • 4. Text: Aquí se encuentran los tipos de letras que tiene el programa más los que tenemos nosotros.
  • 5. Overlays: Son capas: hay dibujos, corazones, estrellas, etc. Lo mejor es que puedes cambiarle el color.
  • 6. Frames: Si quieres ponerle un cuadro, esta es la herramienta, aunque no son muchas las opciones que nos dan.
  • 7. Textures: ¿Quieres algo con efecto de papel? ¿Como una pintura? Hay varias herramientas aquí que te pueden ayudar.
  • 8. Themes: Si quieres hacer algo relacionado al amor, entonces todo lo que este programa ofrece y que tiene relación con el amor, desde corazones, letras, cualquier cosa, está ahí; hay más fácil acceso a todo lo que puedas necesitar.
  • 9. Cuando editamos algo, entre más capas tengamos es más difícil seleccionar una sin pasar a llevar otra, la herramienta con el número 9, la podemos utilizar para combinar las capas que ya tenemos "listas", cuando utilices esta, debes estar seguro de que no volverás a editar nada de la imagen, porque no puedes volver a atrás sin perder todo lo que avanzaste.
  • 10 y 11. Es para deshacer y rehacer algo que acabas de hacer.
  • 12. Si la mantienes presionada puedes ver el antes de tu imagen, cómo era antes de todo lo que le hiciste.
  • 13. Para aumentar y alejar la imagen, esto no afecta el tamaño final de la imagen.
Pixlr está en español, así que si lo utilizan no es tan difícil de saber qué es qué.


       Para crear el libro en 3D, necesitamos una imagen en 3D de un libro o MockUp, hay muchos de estos, pero recuerden la imagen debe ser .png para que no tenga fondo y así la podamos usar más adelante en cualquier cosa que queramos. En esta ocasión utilizaré la siguiente:

       Si tienen una imagen que les gusta pero tiene un fondo blanco o de otro color, pueden usar BackgroundBurner que es para borrar los fondos; igual deben tener cuidado con este programa porque aveces borra más de lo necesario, además, para descargar la imagen deben crear una cuenta, pero es gratis.
       Entonces, yo utilizaré la portada del libro de Nathaly, es la única que tengo en mi compu. Como ven es una imagen completamente normal y no tiene ningún efecto 3D o parecido.
       La imagen .png del libro se muestra la parte de al lado del libro, la cual no tengo, así que primeramente voy a crearla.
  • 1. Primero, recorté una orilla de la portada para así mantener la gama de colores de la portada. 

       Luego creé una imagen en PickMonkey de 2000 x 230 pixeles, entonces inserté la imagen de arriba y la agrandé hasta que diera el ancho de la imagen. Para ello hay que ir a Overlays, la herramienta con una mariposa, en lugar de usar uno del programa se pone "Your own" y ahí debes seleccionar la imagen. Quedará algo así.

  • 2. Selecciono el tipo de fuente para el título, el color y el tamaño, todo esto en la herramienta Text. Y tenemos esto:
  • 3. Además, le agregué el nombre de la autora, para ello hice lo mismo que con el título, también le puse unas líneas, simplemente para que no quedara tan vacío; las líneas son en realidad guiones bajo, por lo que para el color y el tamaño hay que hacer lo mismo que con el nombre.

  • 4. Finalmente le puse el dibujo de un narciso, para ello busqué en el buscador de google "dibujo de narcisos png" y elegí ese entre todas las imágenes. ¡Y listo!

  • 6. El siguiente paso es ir a Pixlr y abrir la imagen del libro 3D desde el ordenador.

       Ahora necesitamos agregar la imagen de la portada, para ello vamos a Capa -> Abrir imagen como capa y agregamos la portada. Es fundamental que la imagen la agreguen como una capa, ya que habrá que editarla.

       Si la portada es más grande que la imagen, vamos a Editar -> Transformación libre y ahí la achicamos.

       Para que la portada quede con la forma del libro, debemos ir a Editar -> Distorsión libre y con mucho detenimiento hacemos coincidir las puntas de la portada con las del libro.

       Como pueden ver en la imagen siguiente, la portada se distorsiona y queda con el tamaño de la otra imagen.

  • 7. Hacemos lo mismo con la parte de al lado. ¡Y ya está!

#Tipos de fuentes

       Existen muchas páginas desde donde podemos descargar fuentes de manera gratuita. Aquí dejaré dos páginas que a modo personal utilizo bastante.
       Lo mejor es que es muy fácil instalar las fuentes descargadas, pero si tienen dudas solo comenten.

       La entrada resultó ser más larga de lo que esperaba, por lo que decidí dividirla, la segunda parte la subiré la próxima semana. Espero que les haya gustado, si tienen alguna duda o consulta, no duden en comentarlo, también si tienen alguna petición.
Todo comentario es apreciado y de vuelto.
Pdta. ¡El blog tiene nuevo diseño! ¿Qué les parece la nueva fachada?

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Cover Reveal

#CoverReveal: GRIEVOUS by Nancy Haviland + Excerpt + Giveaway

July 09, 2016, 0 Comments | Comentarios

Welcome to the #CoverReveal for GRIEVOUS by Nancy Haviland!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post :)

Title: Grievous
Author: Nancy Haviland
Series: Wanted Men, #5
Publication Date: August 9, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Organized Crime

Yasmeen Michaels’ first hours of life were spent nestled in a cloud of dirty blankets on the front stoop of an orphanage in the Bronx. Even though rejection and loneliness peppered her life, she still fought hard enough to step out of her past a free, independent woman with a bright future ahead of her. Darkness descends when a shocking ripple in the organized crime world sends a grieving Romanian mobster back into her life. Yasmeen wakes to find herself in a centuries-old castle in Romania; claimed not as Lucian Fane’s lover…but as his pet.Lucian Fane is at ease in his place of power. He unapologetically lords over his business empire right alongside his criminal one. But when tragedy dares to cross his threshold, Lucian is sent into a tailspin and soon finds himself toeing the line between sanity and freedom. With his conscience gone, and in a bid to save his city from his wrath, he plucks an exquisite distraction from her world and tucks her away in his. Only then does he allow his demons free reign.

Even as Yasmeen once more finds herself fighting to hold onto her self-worth, the draw towards the darkness soon becomes too strong to resist. Will she be able to hold tight to her new owner as he freely drifts beyond her reach? Or will Lucian surface long enough to realize he’s pushing his precious pet too far to allow for forgiveness?

**ATTN: GRIEVOUS can be read as a STANDALONE. This book is the first part of Lucian and Yasmeen’s story. It DOES NOT have a HEA. The completion of their story will come in book #7 in the Wanted Men series, scheduled for release in 2017.


“Would you like to put something on your feet?”

She looked down at her bare toes and shook her head. What if he left without her?

“I laid out a nightgown in your closet. Go get the slippers I put with it. If fact, change into the gown, too. I will wait for you.”

She bit her lip and looked at the door to their room, then behind her at the shadowy corridor. “Promise?”

“Yes, draga. I promise not to leave you on your own when you are so ill at ease. I am not that cruel.”

“’Kay.” She went back and didn’t even blink at the beautiful ivory silk creation she threw on after taking off her clothes. It was sheer, layered, and the cuffs and hemline were trimmed with the softest fur. She’d have felt like a cross between Mrs. Howell and Santa’s escort if she wasn't suddenly wearing a cloud made by angels. She paused at the sight of her reflection when she turned to slide her feet into the prettiest matching ballet slippers. Wow. Her mobster might be nuts, but he had superb taste.

“I do not want you in anything but the gown and slippers, Yasmeen.”

As Lucian’s voice drifted to her, she had to wonder if he’d want her at all if she gained twenty pounds, got a scar or two, and cut her hair to her chin.

Swiftly stepping out of her panties, she laid them out with the bra she’d already taken off and donned the slippers. When she walked out, she felt like a naked ghost.

Lucian’s chest rose swiftly when she rushed across the room towards him, layers of silk billowing behind her. She smoothed her hair down because she suddenly felt self-conscious.


He stopped her from darting past him into the hallway with an arm around her waist. Allowing the momentum to turn him into her, he backed her into the open door and pressed his body along the length of hers.

“Mesmerizing,” he breathed as he stroked from her hips up to her breasts with complete and total ownership. He rolled her nipples, passed over them a few times with his thumbs, then took his touch away once they were peaked and ready for more. “I want to have a structure built deep in the woods.” His hands came to rest on the sides of her neck, his fingertips pressing into the base of her skull. “Preferably underground so no one will ever find it. I would have them construct only one entrance, and I would have the only access code. Close your eyes.”

She held onto him with a grip on the sides of his sweater. She closed her eyes.

He kissed each one, lingering. “Do you know what I would keep in that solitary, impenetrable fortress, draga?”

“Your valuables?” she guessed as she gave up and went under the hem to get at his skin.

“Yes. But only one.”

“Oh. Uh, your money?”


Her eyes flew open. “Me?” she squeaked.

“I would lock you away and never let another soul anywhere near you. My face would be the only one you would ever again see. My voice would be the only one you would hear. My touch would be the last you would ever feel. And you would feel so much of it. You would exist for me. When I made time to visit, you would celebrate my very presence. Can you imagine a life like that, my pet?”

Ice flowed through her veins. “You would return to that fortress and find a corpse. Because if you ever made me live like that, I would kill myself.”

His fingers tightened until her head started to ache. “I would hunt you down in the afterlife if you did that to me. You would pay dearly.” He was looking down at her, but with a vacancy in his stare that told her he wasn’t really with her.

“Lucian?” She grabbed his wrists. “You’re hurting me.”

“You are hurting me.”

She couldn’t have been more shocked if he’d hit her. “What? How? Lucian, I’m here for you.” She brought her hands to his cheeks and stood on her toes so she could press her lips to his. His mouth was cold. “I want to help you.” The pressure he was exerting faded until he was simply holding her head again.

He tsked as he shook his head. “I want to climb inside you and stay there until you can’t survive without me. I want to f*ck your body. I want to f*ck your mind into an addiction you’ll never get over. I want you to crave my touch, my voice, the scent of my skin, the feel of my mouth on you, the sensation of my c*ck filling you, my tongue cleaning you afterward. I want you to need what I give you. I want it so you struggle to breathe when I am not within your sights. When you can no longer smell me, I want you to whimper with a desperation that matches what I am experiencing. I want this perfect, flawless treasure you are to be dependent on me for your very life.”

His forehead was resting on hers now and she’d long ago stopped breathing. Something in the very fabric of her existence understood those needs while the rational part of her found them repugnant. Excitement, terror, and a dark, writhing lust was crackling under her skin, heating her from the inside out.

He blinked and drew in a sudden lungful of air as if he’d just come out of a trance. He straightened and slid his hands down to her shoulders before placing a chaste kiss to her lips. “Do not worry, Yasmeen. I will send you home before I allow my demons to do those things to you. I know you deserve better. Now, come. You can sit by the fire while I attempt to work for an hour.”

As though he hadn’t just revealed how much further he’d fallen, he took her hand and led her out of the room. Unable to process what this could mean for her, she didn’t bother. She simply followed along and vowed to try harder. She had to get through to him. He had to see she was more than a possession. But more importantly, she had to convince him to send those demons he spoke of so fondly on their merry way. If he allowed them to take over completely, they were both finished.



PURCHASE (A Love of Vengeance, The Salvation of Vengeance, and An Obsession with Vengeance are #FREE with #KindleUnlimited!): Amazon

Meet the author!

Nancy Haviland, author of the bestselling organized crime series, WANTED MEN, writes about her alpha mobsters and their ladies from her home near Toronto, Ontario. She fights for space on her keyboard with her arrogant kitty named Talbot, and adores her Tim Horton’s coffee; as any self-respecting Canadian would. She writes contemporary romantic suspense but will happily read anything that involves two people smooching.

A member of Romance Writers of America, Nancy is represented by Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates, and is published by Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing.


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