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-I was given these copies in exchange for an honest review-

Reject High (Reject High: A Young Adult Science Fiction Series Book 1) by [Thompson, Brian]
After his latest fight, Jason Champion is sent to a rundown alternative school, nicknamed “Reject High.” Fine by him, except a girl named Cherish died there under strange circumstances. At first glance, it's a suicide. But the girl's best friend, a Goth with an attitude named Rhapsody, suspects something different at work.
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One day during detention, Rhapsody shows Jason a crystal that turns her invisible. He tries one on and he jumps over a city.

Their classmates, Sasha and Selby, see Jason and Rhapsody in action and receive crystals of their own. They keep a low profile until Jason discovers they are being studied by people they trust.

With eleven days until Reject High is destroyed, Jason and his friends must dodge their pursuers, solve the mystery of Cherish’s death, and save their power source from falling into the wrong hands.

The first installment in a young adult fantasy series, Reject High combines engaging characters inside of a page-turning adventure. Equal parts sci-fi, fantasy, and action-adventure Reject High is written from the perspective of Jason Champion, a 15-year old teenager with rage blackouts and a penchant for getting in trouble,

Sophomore Freak (Reject High: A Young Adult Science Fiction Series Book 2) by [Thompson, Brian]

The school year ending with Reject High's destruction was enough for Jason Champion. Summer break meant lots of time to split between his girlfriend Sasha and best friend Rhapsody. 

That is until predictions of a solar storm arrive, one, unlike the earth, has ever seen. Sasha tells Jason the sun's rays may affect his invulnerability and strength, while a mysterious new enemy is possessed with the belief that whoever absorbs the radiation will become immortal.

With no other options and their enemies drawing closer to their goal, Jason and his friends join forces with the “Collective,” a group that has guarded the origin of their power for a century. Its members think the storm will cause an explosion killing millions – a price none of them are willing to pay. 
Forgotten (Reject High: A Young Adult Science Fiction Series Book 3) by [Thompson, Brian]

Months after absorbing a nuclear explosion, Jason Champion is recuperating in a hospital when he is attacked by a shape-shifter with an agenda. She wants to harvest Jason’s radioactive blood to keep his enemy, David King, alive. King had almost died at Jason’s hands, but he now wants revenge.

Following a narrow escape, Jason is joined by his new girlfriend Rhapsody, his ex Sasha, and a new friend, Esteban. While the provenance emerald, scarlet emerald, goshenite, heliodor, and morganite crystals that grant them mysterious powers are safe, there is a new threat. 

The most sought-after version, aquamarine, has been found. Its wearer can raise the dead. 

Now in possession of the aquamarine, Jason is faced with decisions: deliver it to King in 72 hours or let everyone he cares about pay the price. He and his friends race across the nation to do the impossible: keep those close to him safe while defending the aquamarine before time runs out. 
Champion Immortal (Reject High: A Young Adult Science Fiction Series Book 4) by [Thompson, Brian]
For eighteen months after saving the world again, Jason Champion stopped threats with little problems. Until the night of a massive explosion where he encounters a shadowy bomber who passes on the chance to kill him.

As if the slow-moving spring semester at North High and balancing a hero’s life was not hard enough. Jason is the man of the house, his girlfriend breaks up with him, and he witnesses the enemy he helped brainwash experience flashes of past crimes.
But Jason’s problems kick into high gear when the bomber resurfaces with actions that point to a deadlier endgame. Powerless and broken by a murder he cannot remember committing, Jason must reconsider his alliances and strategy in order to survive a new threat who is out for blood. 

Series Review
Now let's get this show on the road! Let's start with book one while reading this I saw that this book gives outcast a chance to be something great. Jason Champion is a kid who has major anger issues but also has a good heart. Jason is a fighter and stands up for what he believes in. The Reject High series has a little of everything that appeals to every person. A little romance, drama, and action who wouldn't love it. Thompson brings real teenage feeling and character into his characters this allows younger readers to connect. I also love that there are superheroes of color! There can never be enough of diversity. So book one was a perfect start to the series and kept me interested. Now onto book two,(Sophmore Freak), this book shows the growth in Jason and how the group has to put aside their difference for the better. I love the fact that you can see Jason growth as he comes to terms with the death of his mother and by doing so he's able to help his friends with their losses. Even with their powers, you can still see their everyday teenage issues.The second book did not disappoint and made want to quickly start the next part of Jason adventure. Book three (Forgotten) did not let me down, the vibe was similar to the other two books and keep me on my toes. I couldn't put it down, the betrayal that happened with Jason and his now ex-knocked me off my feet. This had to be the best book yet, there is so much action and adventure happening. All the foes and deception going on I couldn't predict what would happen to our Jason. And last but not least book Four (Champion Immortal) in the last installment the reader can see that Jason has learned that with power comes great responsibility. He's able to look back and learn from his mistakes. I Enjoyed this series greatly and recommend it to all who want to read a solid and well-written series. Every book was better than the last. 
4.6/5 STARS

Get To Know The Author!
Brian L. Thompson
Brian Thompson writes high-concept science fiction and urban fantasy for both young adult and new adult audiences. He is a Contributing Editor for Brotha Magazine, a celebrated writer, educator, and a former journalist. His works have been featured in Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb, Rolling Out magazine, Montgomery newspapers, the Atlanta Live TV program, and Amazon’s Top 80 List for Historical Fiction-Africa. His published works include the best-selling Reject High series, the science fiction thriller, The Anarchists, and historical novels The Lost Testament and The Revelation Gate. 

Thompson and his family reside in East Metro Atlanta, GA.

You can find his books on Amazon! 

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