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#Blitz | Excerpt&Giveaway: ALL OF THE LIGHTS by K. Ryan

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Welcome to the  #Blitz for All of the Lights by K. Ryan!! Enjoy it!

Title: All of the Lights
Author: K. Ryan
Publication Date: August 22, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Suspense

I was raised to believe his family was nothing but trash. I was raised to believe her family was the root of all evil.
I sent his brother to prison. I should hate her for what she did.
I’ve never fought a day in my life. I’ve fought every day of my life.
I need him to help me find answers. I need her to set the record straight.
I should stay away from him. I should walk away from her.
But I can’t. But I can’t.

*This book is a standalone, contemporary/mystery romance and is intended for readers 18 and older*


Just as I lean in with both hands splayed out on the bar top, the door opens and hell might as well have broken loose. Because as much as I’ve tried to push Friday night down to the deepest, darkest recesses of my memory where I’ll never have to worry about it again, it’s back with a vengeance.

Or, rather, she’s back with a fiery vengeance if her hair is any indication.

Her green eyes sweep around the bar and, considering there’s just two other people in it, those eyes find what they’re looking for quickly. There’s a determination in them that scares me a little more than it should—I should be the one breathing fire, not her. She’s the one treading on my space and yet, I’m the one ready to run and hide.

And then my memory clears. She played me Friday night, good and hard. Had me right where she wanted me, eating out of the palm of her damn hand, practically begging her to throw me a bone, to give me her number, and all for...what? So she could turn around and brag to all her friends that she conned Jack Flynn on Callahan turf?

It was probably all bullshit anyway. She probably went home to her boyfriend in Back Bay and laughed about me in bed all night long.

Now I react accordingly. Heat rises up from my feet and shoots right up to my chest. I want her the hell out of my bar. I want her the hell out of my sight.

Still, my body is frozen right where I stand as she crosses the short distance between us and tentatively rests her palms against the bar. My lips press into a firm, grim line and animosity pours off me in waves, filling the few feet between us. There’s no good reason for her to be here right now, or ever, and before she finds her way out the door, we need to clear something up first.

“Can we talk?” Rae asks, her voice shaking a little.

Good. She should be scared. She should turn her ass around and never come back.

“No,” I snap. My eyes slice into her and I hope she can feel every inch.

She swallows hard and her gaze shifts anxiously to Cal, who lifts an eyebrow and takes another swig of his beer nonchalantly as if the daughter of our community’s number one enemy didn’t just walk through the door.

Her chest rises and falls one more time and her hands clench around the edge of the bar top so tightly her knuckles turn pale.

“Please,” she tries again, but I’m already shaking my head. “I just need to—”

“You don’t need to do anything except leave,” I cut in briskly and slam the towel down on the bar. “You know, you must really be stupid...showing up here again like this. Do you have a death wish or something?”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” she shoots back in defiance.

No, I’m not.

“Try me,” I growl instead and her eyebrows just lift, unimpressed and unconvinced.

And for a moment, I almost admire the kind of backbone it must’ve taken her to actually get in her car, drive down here, and walk inside our bar. She’s not weak—I could see it Friday night and I see it now, but being strong isn’t going to do her any favors. Not here. Not like this.

I’d never lay hands on a woman, but given everything this particular woman has done to my family, to my brother, the way she just keeps showing up like a cockroach...the temptation itches at me.

She’s lucky I can control myself outside the ring.

Rae leans forward, her pretty face contorted a little too much for my liking and I know where this is going. I’ve seen this look before. Not from her, but other women at other times when they want something. This is exactly why the only woman I’ve ever been able to put up with in long doses is my mom because every other woman is a complicated mess I don’t have the time or the energy to spend untangling.

I might have fallen for her act Friday night, but I’m not biting tonight.

“Please,” she tries again. This time, her voice is softer, more urgent, and that raging determination is at the forefront now more than ever. “I just want to explain and then I’ll leave. I promise. Just one minute—that’s all I’m asking for. Besides,” she waves a hand around my near-empty bar, “it looks to me like you’ve got some time to kill.”

I blow out a deep breath and mull over my options. Unfortunately, she kinda has a point and I have a feeling that she really will leave if I just give her the one minute she’s asking for. Shit. Now I’m just annoyed she was able to convince me so quickly.

A beat later, I tip my chin at Cal.

“Why don’t you step outside for a smoke.”

He just lifts a shoulder, takes one more long gulp of his beer, and pushes off his stool to head toward the door. Once the door shuts behind him, my gaze shifts to the current bane of my existence and I lift an eyebrow at her. The ball’s in her court now.

“You’ve got 30 seconds and then you either get out or I’ll throw you out.”

Rae’s jaw clenches and for the first time since she walked in, she falters. Her hands tremble around the edge of the bar top, she inhales sharply, and if I look closely enough, I could probably see her lips quiver ever so slightly. Then, everything changes again on a dime. Her back straightens, her chin tips up, and her eyes meet mine dead-on. It’s like this girl is afraid of nothing. Jesus, maybe she really does have a death wish.

But when she finally opens her mouth, it’s not to tell me she’s sorry for playing my stupid ass on Friday night.

“I want to get Sean out of prison.”

Wait a minute...what? My head rears back and shakes from side to side. There’s no way I heard her right.


That’s all I’ve got.

She seems to take my response as a good sign, but she’s wrong. If my blood was simmering before, it’s cranked up to a boil now. My head just needs a little time to catch up with my emotions.

“I know he wasn’t the one who…” she trails off, her eyes still blazing green with a grit I just can’t reconcile right now. “I know he wasn’t the one who hurt me. I think I’ve always known it—I just never knew what to do about it until now.”

“You tell the fucking truth from the start, that’s what you do,” I snap back at her.

Rae winces from the impact, but I don’t care. She can’t come up in here and spew this kind of bullshit seven years too late.

“I’m so—”

“Don’t,” I lean forward as I growl again, inching just close enough so she can read the menace on my face. “You’re not sorry. If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Get out of my bar.”

“Please,” her eyes widen and her hands spread out in front of her in a futile attempt at getting any sympathy from me. “Just listen, okay? I know you hate me—”

“Hate you?” I cock an eyebrow at her and fold my arms across my chest. “Sweetheart, hate doesn’t even round the corner of what I feel for you. There isn’t a word in the dictionary for what I feel for you.”


K. Ryan lives in the Green Bay area with her crazy-supportive boyfriend and the best decision of her adult life, a not-so-stray cat named Oliver. When not writing, she’s either binge-watching something on Netflix, running, reading, or cheering on the Packers.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@authorkryan) and Facebook or visit her website,, for updates and news.


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#Tour | Review: RANDOM ACTS OF MARRIAGE by Boone Brux

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for Random Acts Of Marriage by Boone Brux! :)

A wedding. A playboy. And a week he’ll make sure she never forgets.

Kinni Corbet is the perfect bridesmaid. She’s efficient and has a to-do list for every occasion. When the bride-to-be adds “relax and have some fun” to Kinni’s schedule, Price Lyons seems to tick all the right boxes. He’s guaranteed fun, and it’s only for one week—what can it hurt?

Playboy hotel owner Price Lyons has wanted to break down Kinni’s walls for years. Her plan to relax for a whole week is the perfect opportunity to get to the one person he’s never been able to charm. And this time, she seems…receptive to his advances. Unexpected, but he’ll take it.

There’s just one problem. Kinni’s allergic to spontaneity, and the only thing predictable about Price is his unpredictably. There’s no way they’ll last beyond the week, and Kinni’s going to make sure of it…
When he finally pulled up to the house, she stared out the window while slowly unbuckling her seat belt. Giving her time to adjust to her mistake of thinking he’d been born a rich kid, he got out of the car and moved to open the passenger door. “We’re here.”

“This is where your parents live?” She swung her legs over the edge of the seat, causing the bottom of her dress to inch upward and reveal a lot of flawless porcelain thigh.

“Yep.” He forced his eyes to remain on her face. “I grew up in this house.” Still not giving in to the urge to ogle her long legs, he offered her his hand. “Tons of great memories.”

“It’s a lot smaller than I imagined it would be.” She stood and smoothed her skirt.

“Really?” A smirk quirked his upper lip, his amusement now tainting his question. “What had you imagined?” He knew exactly what she’d thought, but couldn’t resist putting her on the spot.

Her brow arched, and her eyes slid in his direction. “Is this why you were so adamant that I come? To prove me wrong?”

“Not prove you wrong.” The slight possibility that she’d climb back into the car and demand to leave flittered through his mind. He tugged her forward and closed the passenger door. “I just wanted to share my humble roots with you.”

Instead of the flippant response he normally received from most women when he told them he wasn’t from money, Kinni pulled to a stop and turned to him. “You really wanted to share this with me? Not just rub it in my face?”

Until that moment, he’d been coasting along, having fun with Roxy’s wedding favors and the prospect of Kinni getting to know him better, but the way she looked at him, her huge brown eyes searching his face as if hungry to hear that somebody wanted to spend time with her, suddenly made the situation less funny and far too real. “Yeah, I really want to share it.” He reached out and rubbed her upper arms, trying to add weight to his confession. “Listen, we’ve been running with the same crowd for years and yet I don’t feel like we’ve gotten to know each other. I thought this might be our chance to do that. Things are going to change, and I’m sure Roxy and Kyle won’t be the last of us to get married.” He lowered his hands. “I don’t want the gang to drift apart, and…I like you.”

“Really?” She crossed her arms over her chest. “After one day together you know this?”

“One day? We might have only hung out together because of our mutual friends, but we’ve known each other for years.” He reached out and tugged her hand free, locking fingers with her. “And I’ve always liked you.” His smile widened, and he pursed his lips for a second. “But I don’t think the same can be said about you.” She opened her mouth to argue, but he held up his hand, stopping her. “It’s okay. Why don’t we let today be a new start for our friendship?”

Her chocolate gaze held his for a few seconds before she nodded. “I like that idea."


Random Acts of Marriage is a contemporary romance and second book in the Wedding Favors series by Boone Brux. It can be read as a standalone. This was the first book I've read by Boone so far, and I think it was good.

The plot is about a woman, Kinni Corbet, with a not-that-serious problem about spontaneity, she likes everything to be predictable, I think that even the boys she dates have to be non-spontaneous. Okay, she's a hard-worker, she's good at what she does, there are many to-do lists in her life and now, at her friend's wedding as a bridesmaid, she's showing what a good planning can do. But she never thought that the bride-to-be would ask her to relax and have some fun, definitely that wasn't something she had in mind. Anyways, when we add a play-boy man with unpredictably written all over him... she's not really sure she can do it. Price Lyons is such a man, omg, he's someone who enjoys life in his own way. He likes to do a lot of things and most of the time without a lot of planning and thinking before do. So he's disposed to "help" Kinni so she can enjoy herself for a whole week. Then one thing led to another and she completely enjoyed it.

I don't know if I seriously enjoyed it, but I think it was really good to read, but not for me, sometimes I like more quickness when it comes to this kind of characters. Yet it was good, however I'd like to read more, it was a little too-short for my taste. Overall, fantastic if you like this kind of plot I'm sure you'd completely like and enjoy and have a good time while reading it, so give it a try. There's not such thing as wasted-time when there's a book implicated.

Book: +4 random stars

You can follow the tour here -> Random Acts Of Marriage's Tour
Buy: EntangledAmazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
Boone's stories range from high fantasy to contemporary romance.

Having lived all over the world, and finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, she's always looking for the next adventure. It's not unusual to find Boone traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush, gathering information for her stories. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.


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Book Blitz

#Blitz | MALT ME by D.L. Gallie + Giveaway

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Welcome to the #Blitz for Malt Me by DL Gallie!! :)

Title: Malt Me
Author: DL Gallie 
Series: The Liquor Cabinet Series #1
Publication Date: August 7, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

They look at me with pity.
They treat me like I’m broken, made of glass.
One wrong move and I’ll shatter, never to be mended again.
But they’re wrong, I survived.
I won’t let him or anyone ruin my life.
I refuse to let them win.
I am Mackenzie Merlot. I am strong. I am a survivor.

Beer: it’s all I ever loved.
It’s all I ever thought about until she came crashing into my life; literally.
I missed my chance at the beginning, but now that I have her, I will do anything for her and our dream; but I failed.
I’m Jordan McRoberts; I will do anything to make sure she gets her happily ever after.


Purchase: Amazon
I’m from Queensland in Australia but I have lived all around the world. I’m currently living in Gladstone with my husband and two kids. I’ve been with my husband since I was 16, and even though we drive each other nuts at times, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I got back into reading just after I had my son and with some encouragement from my husband I started to write, and now the voices won’t stop. I enjoy listening to music, drinking white wine in Summer, Red wine in Winter, beer all year round, I won’t say no to a cocktail either (specifically a margarita), reading and now writing.


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A.S. Green

#Tour | Review: SUMMER GIRL by A.S. Green + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for Summer Girl by A.S. Green! :)

Title: Summer Girl
Author: A.S. Green
Publication Date: August 8, 2016
Genres: Entangled:
 Embrace, New Adult, Romance

A songwriter is nothing without his muse. Sucks that mine turns out to be Katherine D’Arcy––hot as hell, but the very definition of country-club living and everything I came to this quiet little island to escape. The last thing I need is some live-life-by-her-day-planner summer girl screwing with my head, but I can’t stop thinking about her…those curves, silky brown hair, and those eyes…I left that privileged world behind when I came up to Little Bear Island hoping for some inspiration to write my songs. But here I am still, two years later, unable to write crap. That is until Katherine showed up to tend the lighthouse for the summer and drive me crazy. With her here, the writing has never been better. If only there weren’t that one inconvenient truth I’ve been keeping from her… Because when she learns what I’ve been hiding, I know I will lose her forever.

It’s official. Katherine D’Arcy is the worst painter ever born. I chuckle low, under my breath. She’s so beautiful, I assumed it would translate into beauty at the end of her brush. Hardly.

Fuck, if she doesn’t look adorable trying to make something of the muddy puddle of paint. it’s dripping off the edge of the paper. So funny. So damn irresistible.

Why am I sitting so far away from her again? Oh, right. Because if I were any closer I’d have her on her back and neither of us would be getting anything done. This day is for her. Keep yourself in check.

Katherine frowns at her work, but I’ve got to give her credit. She doesn’t give up. I can admire that more than any painting. I wish for the same perseverance because the song I’m working on is seriously kicking my ass.

This is not because I’m distracted by Katherine. Far from it. I wouldn’t have the words I do have if not for her. She gives me so much to work with I don’t know where to start. She’s like a fairy princess sitting there on that mound. Her dark hair is set off against the lush green of the woods. Tiny red flowers lie like confetti in a circle around her. She leans in close to get a better look...

If I could paint a word-picture to capture this moment, and find exactly the right chords, this would be something to show Jordan. For now, there are only a few lyrics in my notebook:

Traveling girl, sets my heart in a whirl

Eyes so bright in a face so fair, painted flowers in her hair

Traveling girl, pack my bags and go

To a place I’ve never known

It’s close to something good. Not quite right, but there’s promise.


Summer Girl is a New Adult Romance Standalone book written by A.S. Green; I loved this story, and, well, it's an standalone so far, I don't know if she'd write about any other character who appeared in this book or anything, but I'd like to, seriously.

As the blurb says, a songwriter is nothing without his muse, and Bennet knows perfectly how it is and how it feels, you can say he's been through a block-author/songwriter phase, but when he meets the new girl, or summer girl, it seems that suddenly he can't stop writing about her, even if he thinks he knows the girls like Katherine, that she's like all what he ran away a long time ago from. For Katherine, life has been a little rough lately, all what she had planned for her summer, now is something completely different, she has to work if she wants to be back at college for the next semester and, nothing is what she expected, too. She likes having everything in order, knowing everything, and planing everything, sometimes it is helpful, but you can't plan what fall in love would be like, especially if there's a guy like Bennet implicated.

I loved this book, it was something new, and I haven't been reading NA lately, so reading an story like this one was... OMG, it was fascinating. It as a whole was fantastic, I think at first it was a little slow, but it ended being incredible. Both main characters had very similar lives, even if they didn't think so. One thing I really liked was reading about Katherine stepping out of her comfort zone, and that she wanted to... like find herself or think about what she really wanted for herself, was pretty good. And Bennet, this guy, it's been bad for him too, he ran away far from all what he knew all his life, and his parents weren't fine with it, so doing other things help him to not being homesick, because he doesn't really want to return to an awful life. And he is completely determined to have what he wants, and he's not shy when it comes to try to have it.

I liked how both of them complemented each other life in a uncommon way. And also, how things turned out to be. Not all was rosy, there were moments I seriously wanted to put some sense into Bennet and Katherine, but everything happens for a reason. Specially when their burble bursts and their pasts come to their present.
Summer girl is an sweet, not-light, cute romance, full of incredible moments and instant-chemistry between characters. It ended how I wanted but it would have been perfect, for me, if there were more of it. So I'm looking forward for A.S. new book, if she happens to be writing a new one. Congrats for you book, btw! And of course, I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good NA romance with great many unexpected twists.
Book: +5 amazing stars

You can follow the tour here -> Summer Girl's Tour

A. S. Green lives in the cold upper Midwest with her husband and three children. She spends summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for Summer Girl, and she is a sucker for down-to-earth heroes who work with their hands (if they play guitar, that’s an added bonus). She enjoys all things Irish––particularly music, dancing, and Jameson. When she’s not writing or reading romance, she’s traveling, camping, blogging for Writer Unboxed, and writing YA (under her real name). You can find her online at and follow her on Twitter and Facebook at @asgreenbooks.


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#Tour | Review: TEXT ME, MAYBE by Jolyse Barnett + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for Text Me, Maybe by Jolyse Barnett

Title: Text Me, Maybe
Author: Jolyse Barnett
Publication Date: August 8, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Lovestruck, Romance

New to the Big Apple, the last thing Lexie Bloom needs is to fall for two guys at once. Especially when she can’t have either. One is her personal trainer, an Adonis way out of her league. The other? A Brit Lit professor her svelte boss insists she woo for her—via text message, no less. Little does she know, the two are the same man…

Matthew Hennessey is intrigued by his shy new client at the gym. But before he gets the chance to ask her out, he discovers she’s the one crafting the flirty texts sent to him by a woman who wouldn’t know Lord Byron from Lady Gaga. To get to know her better, he allows Lexie to play her role. She may have given up on the idea of romance, but Matthew’s bound and determined to show her love is alive and well in New York City.

#Excerpt + 18
His gaze fell to her mouth as he grazed a work-roughened thumb across her bottom lip. “I’ve waited so long, eons before we met.”

“You are a poet,” she whispered, her heart filled with awe.

His eyes hooded, he rolled her over, pinning her beneath his delicious length, and she surrendered to his kiss, grabbing his hair and locking him to her. Then she gave it all back and more, her mouth moving against his, telling him all she wanted him to do with her tongue. “I want you so much,” she breathed against his mouth, tilting her hips up.

I want more.
He lifted his weight off her.

Racy thoughts of him sliding and sinking inside her, deep and full, punctuated by the real-time yank of his belt and rasp of his zipper somewhere in the darkness beside her bed had her jumping up in an impromptu competition to dress the floor with her clothes, too. She’d wiggled out of her boots and jeans when she glimpsed him stealing around behind the sofa bed. “What’re you doing?”

With a soft whooshing sound, the curtains parted, and the glow of streetlights shone across the room in pale, revealing stripes.

“Oh, I see.” She grinned, unable to take her eyes off his frame—lip-smackingly nude except for his sexy silk boxers in black. “Going camping?”

“Lot of tent raising in recent weeks, and all because of you,” he mused. He moved toward her and lifted a hand as if to caress her face, but then stopped. “Maybe that’s why.”

“Why what?”

He scrubbed his jaw and sank onto the bed. “There’s something important I have to tell you.”

Uh, no. He didn’t. She just wanted this moment. “Are you married? Living with someone?”

She sank onto the bed beside him. “Gay?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I were.”

“Then whatever it is can wait. I’ve wanted you for three long weeks, too, and I refuse to wait any longer.” She ran a hand along his bare thigh.

“You’re too much, Lexie Bloom.” Turning toward her, he laughed softly and pushed her gently onto her back.

Oomph—Oh. My. 
She bit back a moan of pleasure when he slid up and over her, straddling her like she’d done him, her system on happiness overload as he leaned forward, his length pressed intimately against her abdomen. 
He fondled her through the silk of her bra, caressing and rubbing, then, as if unwrapping a gift meant just for him, he lifted her breasts from their confines. “So beautiful,” he rasped. Dipping his head, he took one breast in his mouth, his tongue laving and circling, his lips pulling and sucking, his hands squeezing and molding. He went from one to the other, as if he couldn’t get enough of either.

Take me there. 
Like he had begun to before.

Like she wanted him to now.


Text Me, Maybe is part of the Entangled LoveStruck Romances, it's an standalone written by Jolyse Barnett. This is the second version, but there were a few people who read it before they changed it -it wasn't published, so this is a review for the new version :) This is my first book by Jolyse, and I liked it, I had a fantastic reading, the book has many many hilarious moments, plus sweet ones, and hot ones.

Matthew is Lexi's new personal trainer and the guy she fell for... twice. She fell for the hot guy and for the nerdy one. He's a hot-dream come true, yet he has a little problem with being turn down. I think that's kind of sweet and how he handled it was sweeter. Lexi has moved to New York to have better job opportunities, and also, to make her dream job come true - to be a writer. Meanwhile she has to work as an assistant for a woman who... doesn't have time even to flirt with someone. They had an instant chemistry, and as the times goes, those little butterflies became bumper cars, and they took their relation to the next level. But sometimes omit something is still lying.

Text Me, Maybe is a light, funny, easy, sweet romance. I had a very good moment reading it, so I think if you like light romance you can give it a try. Both main characters were different somehow, but at the same time they seemed to be right to each other. Anyways, the blurb was quite descriptive, so you don't go completely blind, of course, there are many many things it doesn't tell.

Book: +4 sexy stars
You can follow the tour here -> Text Me, Maybe's Tour

Jolyse Barnett is a country girl living her happily-ever-after in suburbia with her real-life, hunky hero, two offspring aptly nicknamed Thing One and Thing Two, and a cuddly cat that sleeps 23-7. When she’s not tapping away at the keyboard or with her nose in a book, Jolyse can usually be found in her backyard dreaming about tropical escapes.


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Blog Tour

Tour | Review: THE BEST FRIEND BARGAIN by Robin Bielman + Excerpt + Giveaway

August 11, 2016, 0 Comments | Comentarios

Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for The Best Friend Bargain by Robin Bielman

Title: The Best Friend Bargain
Author: Robin Bielman
Series: Kisses in the Sand #3
Publication Date: August 8, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled Lovestruck, Contemporary Romance

Olivia Lincoln has a plan guaranteed to get her life back on track. A plan that involves her best friend, Danny. And he’s on board, too…until she blurts out that they’re engaged and expecting a baby, and the news spreads like wildfire.

The problem? Danny doesn’t do marriage. Or family. And everyone knows it, including Olivia.

As irritated as he might be, protecting Olivia is what Danny does. But put best friends under one roof, add house rules begging to be broken, accidental nakedness, and pancakes in bed, and what started as a marriage between friends threatens to turn into the real deal…which would ruin everything.

She pressed her lips together and tried really hard not to laugh, but it didn’t work and she burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Not entirely because he was funny, but because his teasing question heightened her awareness of him. Made her nervous.

And horny. So, so horny.

“God, I love your laugh,” he said quietly, his gaze drifting over her chin, her lips, her cheeks, her eyes.

Liv stopped. Giggling. Moving. Breathing. And thinking that they could go back to the way things were before they’d kissed on the beach and her world had turned on its axis.

She loved laughing with Danny. He’d always had a direct link to her funny bone. Her mind searched for the times Will had made her laugh. Once, maybe twice? In six months. How had she not realized that until now?

“Danny,” she said, whisper soft.

“I’m not telling you anything I haven’t told you before.”

True. He didn’t keep his compliments to himself, especially when her loud, high-pitched guffaw swayed others to laugh along with her. But the gleam in his eyes said he wanted to back up his statement with another kiss, and that had never happened before.

Time to stop looking at those twin pools of honey and reading things she wasn’t quite ready to tackle.

“Don’t read anything into it,” he added, like he had secret passage inside her head. “I’m just a guy telling his best friend she’s fun to be around.”

Seriously? He had to throw out movie star lines like that? Could he say the wrong thing just once so he pissed her off? Whenever he talked she forgot about keeping him in the friend zone. The only zone she wanted him in was the touchdown one. Doing a dirty dance with their hot, sweaty naked bodies entwined.

She leaned closer to him. “Then stop looking at me like that.”


From the general to the specific —The Best Friend Bargain is the third book in the Kiss In The Sand series by Robin Bielman; it can be read as a standalone but I think —at least— one character is introduced to us before, I’m not sure because this is my first Robin’s book; and, it’s an Entangled Adult Contemporary Romance—they're so good.

Olivia and Danny are best friend —I like this kind of romance!— and after a long time they’re back together as friends; but in that time where they didn’t talk with each other a lot of things changed, for example… she’s pregnant. So she ran right into her best friend arms, because, of course, she needed him. He’s disposed to help her, like the good friend he is, however, he truly didn’t expect what she had in mind.

Olivia is a strong character but sometimes her actions or just her behaviors were so dependent of other people, that I didn’t like her… sometimes; yet at the end she, as a person, was great. And Danny, I loved him; he was the most amazing man a girl would want as a best friend; he was so disposed to help her best friend, despite his true feelings about marriage and family, I liked the way he was written, like a nice and sweet guy.

As I said I like these kinds of books; the blurb caught me and the book didn’t disappoint me; The Best Friend Bargain is a book with so many incredible, sweet, sexy, funny, happy moments between their main characters, and also with the ones from the other books, but overall, their relationship was so strong—even if they didn’t think so— that it made the whole reading something fantastic. So, I enjoyed and liked it a lot; I highly recommend it if you like romance or if you like this kind of plot but not in adult —it’s fantastic as well. And now I’m looking forward for Robin’s books —for this series in specific, so I’m gonna read the two books because their characters and stories (what I read in this book) were so appealing that they let me wanting more from them.
4.5 / 5 stars 

You can follow the tour here -> The Playboy's Proposal's Tour
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When not attached to her laptop, USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Bielman can almost always be found with her nose in a book. A California girl, the beach is her favorite place for fun and inspiration. Her fondness for swoon-worthy heroes who flirt and stumble upon the girl they can’t live without jumpstarts all of her story ideas.

She loves to go on adventures, and has skydived, scuba dived, parasailed, gotten lost in the wilderness (and only suffered a gazillion bug bites for it) hiked to waterfalls, and swam with dolphins. In her spare time she also likes to put her treadmill to good use while watching her favorite TV shows, take hikes with her hubby, indulge her sweet tooth, and play sock tug of war with her cute, but sometimes naughty dog, Harry.

She dreams of traveling to faraway places and loves to connect with readers. Keep in touch and sign up for her newsletter on her website at


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#NewRelease | Review: CLOSE TO YOU by Kristen Proby + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Kristen Proby is known for writing heartfelt characters with deep connections and sizzling passion. In her brand new Fusion Series from William Morrow, she seduces readers’ senses with the sexy, contemporary romance in which five best friends open a hot new restaurant together. Today, we are thrilled to bring you CLOSE TO YOU, the second book in the Fusion Series! CLOSE TO YOU brings readers the next story in this amazing cast of characters. Grab your copy of CLOSE TO YOU today and check out the special offer below!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes the second novel in her sizzling Fusion series.

Camilla, “Cami,” LaRue was five-years-old when she first fell in love with Landon Palazzo. Everyone told her the puppy love would fade—they clearly never met Landon. When he left after graduation without a backward glance, she was heartbroken. But Cami grew up, moved on, and became part-owner of wildly popular restaurant Seduction. She has everything she could want…or so she thinks.

After spending the last twelve years as a Navy fighter pilot, Landon returns to Portland to take over the family construction business. When he catches a glimpse of little Cami LaRue, he realizes she’s not so little any more. He always had a soft spot for his little sister’s best friend, but nothing is soft now when he’s around the gorgeous restauranteur.

Landon isn’t going to pass up the chance to make the girl-next-door his. She’s never been one for romance, but he’s just the one to change her mind. Will seduction be just the name of her restaurant or will Cami let him get close enough to fulfill all her fantasies?


“Are you packed?” my sister, Mia, asks through the phone. Her voice is husky with sleep, which makes sense since it’s the middle of the night back home in Portland, Oregon.

“I leave tomorrow, Mia. Of course I’m not packed.” She snickers. I just finished up my last debriefing meeting, my last day as an officer in the Navy. I grip the zipper of my flight uniform and sigh. “It’s not right.”

“I know,” she says quietly. “But you’re safe and whole, and you could be dead, Landon, so I’ll take it.”

I frown, staring at myself in the mirror as I unzip my uniform for the last time. I’ll never wear it again, never pilot a plane again.

What the fuck am I supposed to do now? The Navy gave me options, but if I can’t fly, there’s no sense in it. Flying isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am.

“You’re overthinking,” Mia says.

“I’m a pilot, Mia. This is what I love. It wasn’t supposed to end like this.”

“You’re alive,” she says.

“Am I?” I murmur, then shake my head and wince at the neck pain that still nags me from time to time. Ejecting from an F- 16 will cause a crick in the neck. And a loss of an inch in height that may never return, along with an entire Naval career.

Son of a bitch.

“This has been the longest four months of our lives, Landon. We’re all anxious to see you.”

“I’ll be home in a few days,” I reply as I pull a T- shirt over my head and throw the last of my belongings in a box that the Navy will have sent to me from Italy.

I loved being in Italy for the past few years, and God knows I didn’t plan to leave it like this.

But I am. Maybe Mia’s right; at least I’m alive and I can walk and live a normal life.

I just can’t fly.

And that’s what hurts more than any injury from the crash.

“What time should I come get you from the airport?”

“No need,” I reply, regretting calling my sister and waking her up. I just didn’t know what else to do when I came in here and was faced with boxes and the end of a career I love. “I’ll get there.”

“Landon— ”

“It’s okay, really. I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Be safe,” she says. “And, Landon?”


“It’s going to be okay.”

I force a grin and a nod, though she can’t see either. “Of course it is.”

We say our good- byes and I sit on the edge of the bed, scrub my hands over my face, and take a deep breath. I hope she’s right.

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I've always like/love Kristen's books, that's nothing new. Close to You is the second book in the Fusion series, a series where a group of girlfriends find love and everything related to it -yet, so far we have two.

Now it's Cami's moment to fall in love... or still loving someone. She, as our other main characters, is a strong woman who's quite sure to know what she wants for herself. But she's not quite sure if it's right considering... well, he's her best friend's brother and he was also one of her best friends... when they were younger so you know, people change over time, and but mostly they grow up. And if I'm honest, the way Landon is described, well, yes I'd fall for him too. Landon seems to be all what she's ever wanted, but Landon seems to have other things in mind right know, like, what he needs/has to do with his life after being discharged from the Navy. But as the story goes and these two lovers spend more and more time together, they can't deny or avoid what they still feel for each other.

As always, Kristen has done a great job with the plot and characters and how they all develop along it; there were a few parts I wasn't one hundred percent into, but the whole story seemed to fall right into its course. It's quick, enjoyable story, and full of moments you'll enjoy for sure. I completely recommend it to you, it's an standalone but I think you'll love/like the first book too, so you should read it anyways.

Book: +4.5 stars

You can read my review of the first book here -> LISTEN TO ME's Review

And Don’t Miss the First Novel in the Fusion Series, LISTEN TO ME!


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle and Love Under the Big Sky series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong, humorous characters with a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen lives in Montana, where she enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.


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Blog Tour

#Tour | Review: SOMETHING SO RIGHT by Natasha Madison #Excerpt

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for 
Something So Right by Natasha Madison :)

The moment everything changed didn’t happen in that cliché rockets-red-glare kind of way, it happened in the form of a waking nightmare. I caught my husband, my high-school sweetheart, the father of my children, balls deep in a sordid affair.

That was when I gave up on men and love.

I didn’t count on the NHL’s golden boy, the beautiful, arrogant Cooper Stone turning my life and my hockey rink upside down.

My kids are why I wake up in the morning.

Hockey is what Cooper breathes for.

We’re from different worlds and places in our lives but when our hearts collided something so wrong and different turned into something so right. 

#Excerpt + 18

We pull up to the house way after everyone’s bedtime. Allison was asleep even before we pulled out of Meghan’s driveway. It’s been a long time I’ve felt this content.

I look over at Cooper, who looks far away in his thoughts.

He’s been like that all evening.

Once we get home, he quickly takes Allison out of her seat. Luckily she changed into her pyjamas before we left Meghan’s.

“I got her, babe, get the bags.”

Matthew is continuing his ‘celebrating’ by staying over at his friend’s house. Usually I would say no, but like Cooper said, it’s like he just won the cup.


By the time I get inside and sort through all the wet things, I sense him before I feel him wrap his hands around my waist.

“Babe, come outside with me.” Something in his voice makes my heart pound. My hands are getting clammy just walking outside with him.

We get to the hammock, and he sits down on it, making it like a swing. His feet are on the ground in front, and the back of the hammock against his back halfway. “Sit on me,” he demands.

“I can’t. I’m going to throw you over.” I stand there in front of him. He rubs his hands up and down the back of my legs, kissing my stomach. I’m still wearing my sundress from this afternoon.

“I won’t make you fall, I promise.”

I comb my fingers through his hair, looking down into his blue eyes. They’re like the key to his soul, always bright. Tonight they look clouded, like a storm is brewing.

“Okay,” I whisper and straddle his lap. I’m surprised we don’t topple over, but Cooper has his feet planted on the floor, so we aren’t going anywhere.

“Baby.” I look at him. “You’re scaring me.” I’m sure he can hear my heart beating in my chest.

“I’ve never felt like this.” He whispers, “I’ve had women, many women, but none were like you.” He kisses my chest right above my breast.

“Okay.” I twirl his hair through my fingers.

“When I looked over at you today and saw you sitting with James, my breath caught in my throat.”

“Honey.” I pull his hair so he looks up at me. “James and I, we are the past. Way, way in the past.”

“You made a life with him, you made a home with him, you have kids with him.” His voice trembles.

“I had all that, I made a home with him. I had kids with him. He threw that away. He tossed it aside.” I’m trying to calm my nerves. I’m scared that this is it. This will be the last time that I hold him. “Cooper.” He looks up at me, and I snap, my heart snaps. “No, you don’t get to decide this, you don’t get to toss me aside because you think you know what I want or need.” My heart is literally hurting. It’s aching. I blink away the tears that are forming in my eyes, continuing what I have to say. “If you don’t want me, just say it, but don’t you dare try to cop out of this giving yourself a clear conscience.” I drop my hands to my sides, looking into his eyes. I lean forward, kissing his eyes. “I’ve had many years with a man who not only looked through me, he passed by me, not stopping to look at me. But you, you see me.”—I kiss his cheeks—“I’ve had many years not smiling. Now I smile so much my cheeks hurt. I smile for no reason at all. I smile at you and because of you”—I kiss his lips—“I’ve had many years of little kisses, but none of them made my heart flutter like yours, none of them left me breathless because of them, none of them I longed for.” I can’t stop the one tear that has rolled down my face. “I want you, I want this”—I point from him to me with my hand—“I want this more than I care to admit”—I put my forehead on his, our eyes watching each other—“I want you to want me,” I whisper the last part, my heart hoping that he does pick me, that he picks us.

“I want you,” he says softly. “I want all of you. I want your mornings. I want your afternoons. I want your nights. I want your tomorrows, baby. I want it all. I was so scared you would want what you had, and not want what we have.”

I don’t say anything anymore. I just lean in, kissing his bottom lip, hoping he opens up for me, and he does. He opens so our tongues touch each other, and I know I’m home.

I want to get under his skin and it still wouldn’t be close enough. I fumble with his shirt, trying to rip it off his body. When my hands touch his chest, I make little traces of imaginary infinity signs all down his chest, hoping he feels it. He pulls down the tube part of my dress, bringing my bikini top with it. My nipples peak with the cold air on them. Cooper’s thumbs circle around my nipples, then he places his finger in the middle of my chest, making an infinity sign, all while looking into my eyes.

My need for him is all-consuming. He squeezes my breast, rubbing down to my ass. When both his hands cup my ass, he just palms it, pushing me more to him.

“Honey.” I’m stopped by his tongue invading my mouth. I’m invaded by his scent. His hand makes its way under my dress, moving my bikini bottoms to the side.

He enters me easily with two fingers, making me gasp. “Always ready for me, always.” With my head tossed back, he kisses down my neck with his tongue all the way to my nipple.

He takes it into his mouth, sucking deeply, sending shock waves all down to my core. “Honey, please.” I look down at him. “Be with me.”

He withdraws his fingers from me, then opens his shorts, freeing himself.

“Be with me, baby.” I lift myself till I’m positioned over him where I slowly slide all the way down, one inch at a time. I feel him stretching me open while he invades me.

I look into his eyes, hoping he sees what I feel. I move up and down again, all the while looking at him. He’s beautiful. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and he’s mine.

He picks me up by my hips, bringing me to the top of his dick before bringing me down again.


He lifts his feet off the ground, making us swing back and forth, putting him deeper into me. It’s like we are on a swing, so I push back, making him go back, him pushing forward, both of us wanting to go deeper and deeper. I’m close, so close. I know he is too because I feel fuller.

“Honey, I want you with me.”

“Babe, I’m there.” He grabs both my shoulders, thrusting down on him where I come apart. I squeeze him, taking him with me. He is groaning out his release, all the while we look into each other’s eyes. His blue eyes are clearer than before, more at peace, more calm. He kisses me deeply while still in me, the aftershocks of my orgasm still squeezing him.

“Stay with me tonight?” I ask him.

“What about Allison?” he says, knowing that I never want to cross that line.

“It’s okay. We can set an alarm, wake up together. Say yes, please.”

“As long as I’m with you, it’s yes, it’s always yes.” 


Something So Right is an #AdultRomance with lot of interesting... interactions between the main characters. It's a standalone and debut book of Natasha Madison; This is a sexy debut, there's no doubt, but with sweet moments as well.

Natasha wrote about a love from a perspective I haven't read everywhere. There's a woman who thought everything was right and how it was supposed to be... until her life took a drastically change. One where she had to be strong for her children; I can't say a lot about that fact because I've no children, anyways, what I do can say is that her character was a good mother and everything. Giving up on men and love was the right choice at that time, she thought. And then we have Cooper Stone... a hockey player whose game isn't just on the ice. He's a sexy arrogant player, yet with more than just what people thought. Parker and Copper met due one of their loves, hockey. And because of it, all started.

Second chances are unique, and they're worth. Parker and Copper have one of them and what they do with it is... marvelous. They go from nothing to everything. There are moments where they relationship is on the line and decisions have to be done/made. 

Something So Right is a magnificent debut from this new author. It's a hot, sexy, sweet, emotional romance with a fantastic chemistry. I highly recommend it if you happen to like #AdultRomance with a sexy man and a strong woman in it.

Book: +5 hockey stars


When her nose isn't buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she's in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It's a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn't listen to her...

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#Tour | Review: THE PLAYBOY'S PROPOSAL by Ashlee Mallory + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for 
The Playboy's Proposal by Ashlee Mallory :)

Title: The Playboy’s Proposal
Author: Ashlee Mallory
Series: The Sorensen Family, #3
Publication Date: July 25, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled Bliss, Contemporary Romance

Sometimes the perfect match is right under your nose…

Doctor Benny Sorensen has had it up to here with her party-throwing playboy neighbor. She’s declaring war. She doesn’t care how gorgeous or charming he is, he’s going down. That is until he proposes something she’s not sure she can say no to…

Wealthy ad man Henry Ellison lives an uncomplicated life that revolves around work, women, and partying. In that order. Until Benny storms into his life. To placate his attractive but hotheaded neighbor, Henry offers to help her land a date with the man of her dreams. Only as Henry makes her over and coaches her on the fine art of flirting, he realizes that the idea of this woman in any other man’s arms but his own is unacceptable. But Benny’s a forever kind of girl and forever might just be the one commitment he can’t make.

Each book in the Sorensen Family series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Series Order:
Book #1 Her Backup Boyfriend
Book #2 Her Accidental Husband
Book #3 The Playboy's Proposal

“I just want everything to be perfect. I want—I need—to know that when he kisses me, he’s not going to draw away in horror. That he’ll be enticed to want…more.”

A growing realization was coming over Henry, and he wiped at his forehead. No. It wasn’t possible. She wasn’t about to ask him—

“Would you be willing to, maybe, kiss me? Just for a minute? You’ve been so honest up to now, and I trust that you’ll tell me if kissing me is like kissing a twelve-year-old—”

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any recent experience there.”

“You know what I mean. You said you can create the whole package, and what I need from you right now is assurance. Assurance and maybe a few…tips. What I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing right…” She trailed off, her eyes pleading with him.

This was too much.

Benny was actually sitting there, sexy as hell, asking him to kiss her, something he’d been fighting himself from doing since she first sat on this couch. Maybe even before that. She was asking him to feel what those full lips would be like under his and manage to keep his head enough to give her pointers, for God’s sake.

“Benny, I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“Oh. Okay, I understand.” A certain glimmer of humor entered her eyes. “You’re afraid that I’ve made you into this guru in the fine art of kissing and lovemaking, that now that you’re on the spot, you won’t be able to hold up your end of it. It’s a performance thing.”

“The hell it is.” He sounded angrier than he’d intended. He tried again, making himself sound levelheaded. “Believe me, I know what I’m doing. That’s not the problem.”

“Prove it.”

The woman was positively deranged.

“Fine. If that’s what you want. But when I tell you what you’re doing wrong, I don’t want you to try and physically maim me.” He couldn’t believe he was going to do this.

Kiss a woman he’d been thinking of more times than he probably should the past week. Kiss a woman whom he’d been wanting to kiss long before then.

He smiled a little wider now. Well, if it was what she wanted…

A cute and enjoyable reading, plus it was pretty good keeping in mind that it was my first Ashlee's book I've read. This is the third book in the Sorensen Family Series a hot-boys series and it's a standalone.

Along the story we see a girl who develops a stronger character with someone's help. Benny and Henry are completely opposite; where he's confident, she's shy. But somehow they seem to fix together... at least as friends. However as the time goes and their lives started to intertwine more and more. Their time together seems to be the only moment where they feel... good. Okay, at first she wasn't very sure about all what he had in mind. When the real Henry started to show up, Benny can't deny it any longer.

The book it's full of sweet moments, also we have funny ones. Benny and Henry have a relationship that grows up with the book, the insecurities and problems they had when it started now are things totally different. The characters are so good together, and all. Yet, there were parts of this book I didn't like as many books out there, but at the end I was completely plunged into it.

Overall, I really liked and enjoyed it. A sweet, sexy and light romance. Another incredible Entangled story. Ashlee has made it. I highly recommend it if you like books with amazing plots and well-writing.
Book: +4 stars

Amazon | Paperback | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
You can follow the tour here -> The Playboy's Proposal's Tour


Don't miss the other books in the Sorensen Family Series by USA Today Bestselling author Ashlee Mallory!

One little white lie leads to more than she planned…
Straight-laced lawyer Kate Matthews always plays by the rules. But when her ex gets engaged and a big promotion is on the line at work, she blurts out that she has a new boyfriend. And now that she’s proved she “has a life” outside of work, everything is perfect. Except for one teeny little detail—there is no boyfriend. And now Kate’s liable for her little white lie…
Dominic Sorensen is hot, charming, and very definitely not Kate’s type. But not only does Dominic want to help Kate renovate her home, he’s also willing to play “boyfriend.” All he wants in return is a little pro bono work for his sister. Now instead of Mr. Right, Kate has a delectable Mr. Fix-It-Right—and some unbelievable sexual chemistry. And if falling for Dominic is a breach of contract, Kate is guilty as charged…
Amazon | Paperback | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
Payton Vaughn’s trip to Puerto Vallarta for her friend's wedding was her big escape from her ridiculously overbearing mother–oh, and that little matter with her cheating fiancé. Now, her flight's been cancelled, and she's crammed into a tiny car with the gorgeous-but-irritating best man.
Viva la road trip from hell...
Cruz Sorensen doesn't have time to babysit some spoiled socialite, even if she is the future daughter-in-law of the man who could change the fortune of his family's company. He has no business getting to know her better—not even for all the tequila in Mexico...until they wake up with grande-sized hangovers as man and wife.
Now Payton and Cruz must decide if they've reached the end of their journey...or the beginning of a new adventure.
Amazon | Paperback | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
Ashlee Mallory is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Thrillers. A recovering attorney, she currently resides in Utah with her husband and two kids. She aspires to one day include running, hiking and traveling to exotic destinations in her list of things she enjoys, but currently settles for enjoying a good book and a glass of wine from the comfort of her couch.


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