Book Review: Shades of Death by J.M.Muller

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Shades of Death (Colors of Immortality, #2)

Hunted as a human for his vibrant aura, Daniel held all the lethal promise Narivous looks for in a Velore. His color was both bold and bright, his potential limitless. He had the makings of one of the strongest undead Narivous has ever seen.
Until he’s turned in a forbidden way.
Resurrected from a poison death, he now has a toxic touch and a wail violent enough to eradicate all creatures within screaming distance. He is as his aura promised—dangerously powerful. Almost too much so.
Thorn, Narivous’ tyrannical queen, has outlawed the making of his clan, for good reason—their powers are beyond her control. The toxin roiling beneath his flesh makes him a threat but, worse yet, Thorn sees Daniel as a symbol of rebellion. He represents more than disobedience, he represents a rift in her realm.
And that places Daniel in a precarious position. Thorn will stop at nothing to restore her omnipresent image, and there are only two ways to do that: break Daniel, or destroy him. Daniel will soon be tested—become Thorn’s monster, or suffer death for a second, and final, time.


I can not express how happy I am with the release of the second installment of Colors of Immorality by J.M Muller "Shades of Death"  is just as amazing as the first one. I love Daniels character and inner strength, his transformation into the afterlife is a hard one. I really felt for Daniel and wished that he could just be happy and have Fantasia back. The growth of Polar's and  Daniels relationship made me very happy. They have a great connection and are family. A close and necessary bond if they want to survive Thorn. Thorn is the definition of evil! I had my finger crossed that Thorn could redeem herself. but I was wrong. Thorn is a character that shouldn't be messed with. I think Thorn has met her match in Daniel and if she doesn't want a war she would find a way to work with him rather than against him.
The pace of the story is great and refreshing. There is never a boring part of the story and it keeps you on your feet. I can't wait for the next book! I know it's going to be great.

Rate: 5/5
J.M.  Muller
J.M. Muller is a fan of both animals and villains and believes every story needs a little darkness. She has a plethora of skills (okay, that's a lie), but does enjoy writing and creating to the very best of her abilities.

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