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#RM | #Review: SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa Schroeder + Excerpt

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Welcome to my #Review for Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder!

Title: Snowbound Seduction
Author: Melissa Schroeder
Release Date: March 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Select Contemporary

This blizzard is blazing hot...

Trevor MacMillian is the tart and incredibly sexy executive chef who’s made pastry chef Elaine Masterson’s life a living hell. But when she catches him in nothing but a tiny little towel, it’s almost enough to make her forget they’re stranded in a luxurious mountain cabin together...or that she hates him almost as much as she craves him like a sinfully forbidden dessert.

Being alone in a romantic secluded cabin might just kill Trevor outright. If Elaine hates him now, how much will she hate him if she finds out he’s been fantasizing about her full, kissable lips? So Trevor argues with her. Makes her angry— until an intense and unexpected kiss turns their hostility into insatiable hunger. And with this much heat, the snowstorm outside doesn’t stand a chance...

Elaine Masterson had had enough. She stood in the kitchen, the entire staff watching her and Trevor MacMillian. They were waiting to see what she would do.

For six long months, she’d put up with him, his complaints, and his lifestyle. She had always been considered the most professional of chefs. People loved working with her. Trevor did not. And he made sure to nitpick every little mistake he thought she had made. But calling her names went beyond anything he had done before. He had stepped over the line.

“What did you call me?” she asked, her teeth clenched so tight her jaw ached. From the moment they had opened the restaurant, the man had been the bane of her existence. He had quibbled and prodded. He questioned her abilities in the kitchen. Tonight, though, was the last straw. He settled his hands on his hips and took a step closer. Even with the aromatic scents of the kitchen surrounding her, she could smell him—deep, dark, delicious. It teased her senses. That irritated her more than his comment.

“I think you bloody well heard what I said, but I will repeat it for everyone. You are the most uptight and untalented chef I have ever worked with. You wouldn’t know a bloody croissant from a ganache. I wonder on a daily basis how you ever made it out of pastry class.”

Her anger flashed to a full blaze. Never in her life had she ever been so mad…or so hurt. Without thinking, she looked to her left, picked up the whipped cream she had asked for, and upended the bowl over his head.

“Bugger off,” she said, with relish. Satisfaction filled her as she watched him wipe the delicate cream out of his eyes. Elaine knew this was the one moment she might ever see the idiot at a loss for words. Her moment of triumph was cut short when their partner said from behind her, “What the bloody hell is going on in here?”

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I read this book a long time ago, and I am writing this review because I have it in my pending issues, so here it is.

Snowbound Seduction is a funny romance story, both characters made of this book an incredible and enjoyable experience, it was an easy read so I would say it is a light worthy read. It is a short book because the plot makes it a short one.

Elaine and Trevor end up in a short "vacation" time, they funny thing about it is that they just feel hate for the other, or at least that is what they say. So as the time goes and they only have each other as company, things star to kind of come out, and as a result things take a very different path where it seems to be just one way even if they do not think so.

As I already said, this is funny, light, cute romance about a very peculiar couple. The plot is really enjoyable so I do not have anything to say about it. And the author has an interesting form to say and describe things.

Here you have a story you might like and maybe read in one sitting! I really recommend it :)

Book: +4 snowy stars

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Born to an Air Force family at an Army hospital Melissa has always been a little bit screwy. She was further warped by her years of watching Monty Python and her strange family. Her love of romance novels developed after accidentally picking up a Linda Howard book. After becoming hooked, she read close to 300 novels in one year, deciding that romance was her true calling instead of the literary short stories and suspenses she had been writing. She has had over 25 short stories, novellas and novels published in four years with seven different publishers.

Being a brat she swore never to marry military. Alas, fate always has her way with mortals. She is married to an AF major with two brats of their own. They live wherever the military sticks them which for the first time in years is a place where THE BUGS DIE!

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