Happy Bookmas!

December 17, 2016, 2 Comments | Comentarios

­čÄů­čÄä Happy holidays | bookmas | to everyone! ­čÄä­čÄů

I know I have been missed a lot in the past weeks, but every effort has its reward and now I have the next two months completely free-college which means there would be amazing new things! Plus, summer is here and I hate going out when it is too hot, so what is better than staying inside (where is colder) reading something? Nada.

What is coming... ♡
1. Giveaways (there would be little as well as big ones)
2. Reviews (books I have read, I am reading, and I will be reading)
3. M├ís espa├▒ol por estos lados (I know it is not relevant, but I have to put it somewhere for me to actually do it)
4. New #tips (there are a few in Spanish)
5. Free posts (I will be writing whatever comes to my mind and think would be relevant for everyone)
 Between Books wishes you all a very happy holidays!

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  1. hola sorry no hablo ingles pero todos leemos ¿no? y nos gusta los libros, aunque no hablemos igual, pero nos entendemos ,bueno estas nominado a un book tag suerte y espero que lo puedas hacer besos♥ http://libros241018.blogspot.com/2016/12/book-tag-2.html

    1. Hola, descuida y muchas gracias a ti por nominarnos :)

      Saludos xx