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June 15, 2017, 1 Comments | Comentarios

Welcome to my new #RTS!
 North to You by Tif Marcelo

Title: North to You
Tif Marcelo
Journey to the Heart #1
Publication Date: 
June 5, 2017
Entangled Bliss

In this warmhearted and charming debut from Tif Marcelo, a food truck chef and her long lost Army love clash when they cross paths in San Francisco.

Camille Marino has got a full plate. As the sole guardian of her eighteen-year-old sister and the head chef and owner of a food truck, she’s used to life being a juggling act. With food to cook, social media accounts to manage, and a little sister to look after, she doesn’t have time for much else.

That is, until Drew Bautista walks back into her life.

Drew is Camille’s former high school crush and he returns to San Francisco to repair his relationship with his father before he ships out for deployment. By helping his father renovate his failing Filipino restaurant, he hopes to win back his respect. But when sparks fly between Drew and Camille—his father’s major competition and sworn enemy—Drew is conflicted. Should he join his father in the war against her food truck? Or surrender to the woman who’s given him a second chance at love?

Above the low hum of the traffic, the people, and the planes passing overhead, a bell chimes. Then two, then three. Soon, surround-sound church bells, signaling the start of the new day, sweep over the breadth of my view.

“Wow.” The music becomes the backdrop of the city I thought I knew. My eyes follow the path of Market Street and the twinkling outline of the Bay Bridge. It scans to the Transamerica Building, which cuts the ombré of the night sky down to the yellow of the city lights. Sights now enhanced, brought to greater depth and

“Right?” he whispers next to me.


“She is definitely beautiful.”

My breath hitches at Drew’s statement. He leans against the barrier, his back to the city lights. His eyes are solely on me.

This man and I know nothing about each other as adults except for what we revealed in the last hour. He knows nothing of my dreams and hopes. I don’t understand the life he’s chosen. And yet I’m bound to him with leftover feelings that are so innocent and pure, feelings I’m not sure where to place now that they’ve been pulled from memories packed away.

One thing is sure. Right now is perfect.

I approach him, place my hands on his chest. 

He rests his fingers lightly on my waist. “Camille—”

I stop him with a kiss. Tonight has been crazy, magical, fuzzy, and weird, and I don’t want to think about consequences, my overloaded plate of responsibilities, of everything waiting for me down there, in the city below.

NORTH TO YOU is an amazing reading. It is so light and cute that it has been one of the best reading I have had during the last time. The romance is everywhere. Plus, this is an incredible second chance romance that deserves to be read by you all. And its plot is so good.

You can easily feel Cam and Drew's chemistry along the story. Cam is disposed to do anything to see her little's sister's dreams come true --even if it means to sacrifice what she wants more. However, life can surprise you in many ways. Drew knows what he has to do to "amend" his relationship with his dad. Yet, he is between a rock and a hard place when he has to make a decision regarding who is in future. Anyway, when Cam and Drew are together, it is like there is nothing else. I simply love it!!

Of course, you get a lot more by reading their story. You may get hungry while reading... if it affects you to talk about food --delicious food. Plus, there are a couple of characters towards you may or may not develop a feeling, good or bad. But do not draw conclusions before you get to the best part. Wait for it!

I completely recommend it if you like a cute, beautiful, and hot second chance romance with deserved HEA for its characters. 

Book: +4 find-your-north stars!
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Tif Marcelo believes in and writes about heart-eyes romance, the strength of families, and the endurance of friendship. A veteran Army Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Public Administration, she is a craft enthusiast, food-lover and the occasional half-marathon runner. As a military spouse, she has moved nine times, and this adventure shows in some of her free-spirited characters. Tif currently lives in the DC area with her own real life military hero and four children.


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