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I was given a copy for an honest review
With her Creole roots and southern attitude, Trutheana is a true New Orleans woman. After moving from New York City, she's back in her old neighborhood, doing everything she can to further her independence. But between her weakness for men and a series of strange events, things go bad fast.
With three men in the wings, each having their own agenda, Truth insists on making her own rules. Street savvy and strong-willed, she has to choose wisely the path she takes. But when she finally gets a place of her own, her past reappears in a violent way. Death and murder seem to be all around, so it's time to get out of town again.
Truth hightails it back to the Big Apple, taking her new love, Kenneth, her best friend, Kaya, and sister Franky along with her. After a personal betrayal, Truth realizes she might have just made the biggest mistake of her life.
In order for Truth to make it out of this situation alive she will have to trust the one person whom she thinks will have her back….But will they?

First I would Like to say thank you to Kay Brown for sending me a copy! Now to the best part, my review. Our leading lady Truth is a strong and independent woman. She's quick witted and feisty with her good looks it's easy for her to steal your man. But besides that, Truth is a woman who has clearly been hurt and has trouble showing love. This is why I think she doesn't know when she is being tricked with false affection. Truth is so focused on not being used she can't see who really loves her.This story is fast paced and well written. While reading this I couldn't put it down, I needed to know what was going to happen.The down side to this novel is that it was over before I wanted! I can't wait for a sequel.  Also, I knew Kenneth was a snake when she went to his house and didn't see nothing that connected to his "job", that's where she slipped up. But I'm glad that I had the chance to read this. It was amazing and I would recommend it to my friends and followers. So If your reading this right now go get your self a copy! - Nia Houston

About The Author
Kay Brown is a proud New Orleans, Louisiana, native who writes drawing heavily from her past experiences, from seeing a lot in the streets to surviving the life altering Hurricane Katrina. Despite her various life challenges and personal setbacks, Brown went on to receive her associate degree from a local community college. It was there where Brown first discovered her love for writing and finally tapped into her creative spirit. However, it was after she returned to New Orleans after being displaced two years due to Hurricane Katrina that she began taking writing more serious and using it as a mental reprieve.
Truth Love is both a project of passion and a therapeutic release for Brown. Although her work is considered urban/street literature, Brown wants her books to be both entertaining and a personal, mental escape from whatever problems readers maybe going through at the time. Expect to read and see more novels from Brown in the future.
Truth Love is best described as an urban street drama with a spiritual twist. Brown is a loving wife and mother of two daughters, one son, and dedicates a lot of her down time speaking to young inner-city girls, who have experienced teen pregnancy, rape, and other personal issues, about finding their voice and developing self-esteem and the strength to live out their dreams.
Follow her on FaceBook at Kay Brown, on Instagram at @Real_Kay_Brown and on Twitter @RealKayBrown

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