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Welcome to my tour stop for 
BACK TO ME by Kelly Miles!
Enjoy the amazing guest post by Kelly and don't forget to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!

Title: Back to Me
Author: Kelly Miles
Publication date: November 30th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Billy is alone, but he’s used to it. After being shot six years ago, the love of his life left him in the hospital, fighting for his life. It left him an empty shell of a man and he no longer wants the responsibility of looking after anyone; he’s barely looking after himself. Alcohol is the only thing he’s interested in. That is until Blake, his old FBI partner shows up unexpectedly.

Heather doesn’t want to be saved. She’s just fine being on her own. She’s fought for the last six years to survive, trying to outrun the mistake that cost her everything. When Billy shows up out of the blue, she’s forced to face the pain that still threatens to rip her apart.

When Billy goes back into the FBI the danger is insurmountable, but he sees no other way. He’s doing it for redemption; redemption for all the damage he’s caused and the monster he’s become. He’s willing to risk his life to avenge Heather, but will it all come crashing down this time, solidifying their end once and for all?
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How to fall in-love with your book's characters in 3 steps or more
by Kelly Miles
It’s tricky. I don’t always love my characters. Some of them have been spiteful. Mean. Plain evil. But I think all of those elements are what make a good story. You should have an antagonist and at least one character readers will love to hate. It will definitely make the good guys (or girls) shine even more.

My steps are this:

1) Use your personal experiences. Writing what you know will make your story and your characters more believable. Write about people you know. What makes them tick. Their habits. Their words. Their mannerisms. Anything that makes them come alive from the pages of a book. Whether those are good qualities or not.

2) Embellish when necessary, but don’t get too carried away. Otherwise, it’s not authentic and it won’t flow well. Don’t force it.

3) Don’t try to mold them into perfect people. Everyone has flaws. Everyone. Your characters should, too. Even the good ones!

My first novel, Montana Sky, was written somewhat from personal experience. So that one was easy. You have the traditional story of boy meets girl and they fall in-love. But with that comes a twist; a brutal man who’s out for revenge. Whose sole purpose is to hurt the woman he can’t have. And because of that, he’s easy to hate and really makes the hero of the book, Luke, stand out even more. It’s impossible not to love him. But I think a true method that delivers a good story is taking that same antagonist that a reader loves to hate, and making them appealing. It can be through their appearance. The color of their eyes or their gate. Their muscular build. Anything that makes them appear more human regardless of their depravity.

Let those characters mingle in your brain for a bit. See how they play with the other characters of your book, metaphorically speaking. One of the great things about writing is that nothing is set in stone. There’s always room for improvement and always time to make changes when necessary. You don’t have to be tied down to one specific idea. And you shouldn’t be. My stories change several times throughout the writing process and most always ends up going an entirely different direction. Set your mind beforehand that that’s okay.

And lastly, remember that we are all human and that includes whatever character you’re building up in your story. Even the heroes and heroines need to have some sort of imperfections. A reader will not fall-in love with an unobtainable man and vice-versa.

Thank you Kelly! Do you want to know more about Kelly and Back to Me? Follow the tour here!

Kelly Miles is an author, editor and publisher, but her greatest accomplishments are being a wife and mother. She lives in a small town in Tennessee, minutes from her childhood home. The youngest of three siblings, Kelly has always loved reading and writing short stories. To date, she has published two novels, MONTANA SKY and BACK TO ME. Both are available

In addition, she is currently working on her third book, BLAKE’S HOPE, set for release in mid-late 2016. All three books are considered a series, but can certainly be read as stand-alone novels as well. TORMENTED is in the works for 2017.

Kelly has two teenage boys who keep her busy. She has been fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom, which has afforded her the opportunity to spend more time with her children, and of course, to write. Writing is her passion. Her goal is to spread the love for her characters, her stories, and invite you into another world. Sometimes the writing is difficult, but she enjoys the creativity that it allows. Her hope is to spread the joy, and yes, sometimes torturing world of her craft.

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