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Book #1
Series: A Separate Heaven, book 1


The enigmatic Dominic Gianelli is a man whose immense wealth and power have earned him respect and admiration from the social elite of both Europe and America. But his legitimate wealth has long been rumored to mask the secrets and dark corners in his world. Nearing fifty, he lives by a strict code and allows few people to know him.

Beyond his carefully crafted image of sophistication, Dominic is a man with a tight grip on those around him. But a chance meeting with twenty-year-old Paige Hamilton forever changes his life.

Paige Hamilton is just beginning to find her own place in the world, away from her affluent, Long Island family. A striking beauty, she is a financial prodigy and a trusted market analyst climbing the ladder at a prestigious, New York investment firm where Dominic is a client. Their connection upon meeting is instant and profound.

Their first dinner date takes an unexpected turn and becomes a night neither will forget. But Dominic has doubts about a long-term love. His world can be dangerous and he fears for Paige s safety should she commit herself to him. Despite any qualms, he finds he cannot give her up. Her family objects, unsure of Dominic s secretive lifestyle.

Their relationship takes a surreal turn when Paige becomes engulfed in Dominic s world of tight security, clandestine meetings and increasingly erratic behavior.

Enter A Separate Heaven. Meet the characters and get to know them. From Long Island to the shores of the Mediterranean, this engrossing drama will hold you spellbound.

Book #2
SeriesA Separate Heaven, Book 2
Publication Date: July 16, 2012
Genre: Mystery/Romantic Suspense

The intriguing saga of the Hamilton and Gianelli families continues as book two takes them back to Salerno and Paige proves herself to be the asset the Gianellis have hoped she would be. Dominic’s aunt, Sophia, sees the couple as her last and only tie to a glorious but tragic past in Italy. With the nephew's marriage to Paige, Sophia's unspoken dream is rekindled, for in her mind, she now sees a chance for Dominic to rebuild what once was.

A mysterious incident abroad has far reaching implications stateside and creates havoc for members of both families. Information revealed in court has an impact on Paige because closely held secrets of the Hamilton family are revealed.

Book #3
SeriesA Separate Heaven, Book 3
Publication Date: September 17, 2012
Genre: Mystery/Romantic Suspense

The drama builds as Paul Hamilton's betrayal of Dominic Gianelli fuels the D.A. to action. A fiasco of events causes Paige to fall ill and nearly costs her life. Dominic learns of the betrayal and the vile and duplicitous acts by his father-in-law and the D.A. Sacred boundaries have been crossed and forgiveness is not an option.

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EXCERPT _ book #1
Around 1:00 A.M. Paige awoke. She used the bathroom, then got back into bed, but found she couldn’t sleep. As quietly as possible she eased herself from the bed, and walked out onto the balcony. The weather was still nice. They were far enough south that winter hadn’t set in yet. The breeze from the water was cool and she could see the waves crashing against the sandy beaches. Below her, the pool looked inviting. His soft snoring assured her Dominic was sleeping soundly. Hesitating only a moment, she tiptoed into the bathroom, wrapped herself in a big towel, and made her way down the stairs and outside to the pool.

She dropped the towel and slipped into the warm water that felt like silk on her naked body. Leisurely, she swam back and forth, again and again. This was heaven. It was all heaven. She lay on her back, floating, her eyes closed, replaying in her mind the wedding and all that had happened since. 
Finally, she began to tire and, feeling she could sleep again, made one last lap underwater, crawling along the bottom of the pool. As she entered the shallow end, her hands reached for the tiled rim just as she emerged, breaking the surface of the water.
Suddenly, something like a steel vise gripped her wrists, jerking her upward, and she was momentarily airborne. Her feet slammed against the concrete, jarring her from head to toe. Now Dominic had her by her shoulders and was shaking her. She knew he was saying something, but she could hear only the roaring in her head. Not six feet from them stood two men with guns. Behind them on the massive walls that surrounded the villa were several more.

"Paige! Answer me!" He continued to shake her. "Are you all right?"

"Y-y-yes." Stammering and trembling, she looked at the two men closest to them. One reached to hand Dominic the towel that lay on a chair. He took it and wrapped it around her. Only then did she remember her nakedness. Her husband was leading her into the house, to a downstairs bedroom. She was shivering visibly, and he was rubbing her briskly with the towel to warm her.

"Paige, talk to me! What happened?"


"Nothing? What were you doing in the pool, Sweetheart? It’s three in the morning!"

"I…I couldn’t s-sleep."

"You couldn’t sleep?" This, incredulously. "Paige, how did you get downstairs? How did you get to the pool?" He was practically shouting at her.

She was confused by his questions and his concern.
Her lower lip trembled, and she was close to tears. "I just w-went, that’s all. I th-thought it would b-be okay. I didn’t think you would m-mind." She was whispering, and her breath still came in short gasps.

Pulling her to him for a moment, he held her. "Sweetheart, I don’t understand. I need to know how you got downstairs. Are you saying you just walked out?"

Dominic let her go long enough to run his hand through his hair. He looked both distracted and worried. There was a knock on the bedroom door. It was one of the men. Dominic spoke to him briefly. "Yes, I think she’s all right. She said she couldn’t sleep and decided to take a swim. Yes, I know."

Turning back to her, he said, "Sweetheart, when I woke up and couldn’t find you, the first thing I noticed was that the alarms weren’t working. All the indicators were off. The entire system had been disabled."

With her eyes wide and her heart beating like mad, she told him, "I did that."

REVIEW for the 1st book
** I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review **

I don't know how I really feel about this book, I liked and mostly enjoyed, of course there were moments I didn't like but in general it was a good read. The main characters are great, the chemistry between Dominic and Paige was of those I like, and the thing about the age, was a fantastic plus to the main plot, even when I don't use to read about this kind of relationships I do, it's different from what I've been reading, and always is good to chance. So I recommend it for those who are looking for something new.

Book: +4

Alex Disanti lives in the Texas Hill Country. While writing has been a lifelong love for her, A Separate Heaven is her first novel. Early works were mainly poetry and short stories. As A Separate Heaven progressed from thought to paper, friends and family began reading the manuscript. Then, in an effort to test the marketability of the material, she enlisted the aid of what she calls her “test readers.” These readers vary in age, occupation and background. It simply grew from there. Alex’s rich detail brought the characters to life, and the ensuing chapters could not come quickly enough for her readers.

Scavenger Hunt
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1. Out of _______________________
2. _____________Lover
3. Davita’s _________________
4. The____________________ (so famous! Leave the gun, take the cannoli)
5. The ______________ of Florence
6. _____________in the Stream
7. Lonesome _____________________
8. The Prince of __________________

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