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Book Blitz: BURN OUT by Tee O'Fallon

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Welcome to my #BookBlitz for BURN OUT by Tee O'Fallon!
I hope you like it! :)

Title: Burn Out
Author: Tee O'Fallon
Release Date: 
June 13, 2016
Romantic Suspense 

He’s been a cop too long not to recognize the signs of a woman running from her past.

She’s not who she says she is—and isn’t about to share her secrets.

Sexy-as-sin Police Chief Mike Flannery knows the new arrival to Hopewell Springs is trouble. She has a smoking-hot body and a quick wit…and he’ll be damned if that’s not a turn-on. But this former NYPD cop and small-town heartthrob has been burned before, and there’s no way he’ll let that happen again.

New York City Detective Cassie Yates is on the run. A six-month undercover sting in a sleazy bar seemed like a textbook arrest—but now there’s a hit out on her. Armed with fake ID, her K-9 companion, and a police-issued SUV, she flees to a quiet upstate town where she trades her badge and gun for a spatula, finally finding peace in the dream she tossed aside to follow her family into law enforcement.

There’s no denying the fire and ice between them. But as the hired assassin closes in, Mike’s past comes roaring back and secrets are revealed in an explosion destined to tear them apart—if not destroy them.


Mike grabbed his beer from the porch table and took a swig. Cassie sat across from him, inhaling her second slice of pizza. While she chewed, he rolled the cold bottle between his palms.

Just as he had back in the Nest, he was knocked speechless by how close he’d come to losing her. It had felt like a hockey puck whacked into his chest.

He set down the beer, grabbed his third slice, and began to make quick work of it. His eyes were drawn to Cassie’s mouth as she wrapped her lips around a piece of crust and pulled off a large bite. He imagined her pink lips wrapped around part of him, and he instantly grew hard.


He reached for his beer again and chugged it.

There was no denying he wanted her. Wanted to make love to her until the sun rose, but what she needed most right now was sleep. Lots of it. Sleep was the best remedy for shock and stress, not some horny guy jumping her bones.

Focus on something else. Anything else.

Despite the missing parts to Cassie’s past, she was a good person, he knew that now firsthand. He’d seen her caring for her customers and colleagues as if they were her own family. During the robbery, she’d put her life on the line for Abby, a woman she barely knew. Cassie was one hell of a courageous, compassionate woman, and she deserved better than someone who could never open up to her.

The way he never could again.

“Mmm,” Cassie moaned as she chased after a runaway strand of stringy mozzarella hanging from her slice of pizza. Mike watched, spellbound as she entwined the long strand of cheese around and around her tongue before swallowing it. “I didn’t think you could get pizza this good so far away from New York City.” An orgasmic smile lit her face.

“Huh?” Mike blinked, then cleared his throat. “So you’re from the city?”

“I didn’t say that.” A devilish gleam came into her eyes. “Remember—”

“I remember.” He held up his hand. “A girl’s gotta have her secrets.”

“You’re learning.” She grinned as she licked her lips. Slowly. Enticingly. Thoroughly. The tip of her tongue slid across her upper lip from one end to the other, then slicked over her lower lip with the same erotic finesse.

Any more of this and I’ll come.

Mike set the metal clipboard on his lap, repositioning it twice before finding a comfortable spot that also covered his raging hard-on. He yanked a pen from where he’d clipped it to the pad of paper.

Raven took that moment to snort, as if she knew his secret. When he looked at the dog, he was pinned with an intense chocolate-brown stare.

That dog knows exactly what I’m thinking.

When Raven opened her mouth and began to pant, Mike could swear she was laughing at him, taking sadistic feminine pleasure at the physical torture he was enduring. With the grace of an athlete, Raven got up and laid her head in Cassie’s lap. Cassie gently ran her hand over Raven’s head and ears, then dropped a kiss on the silky black head.

“I can see how much you love that dog.” Mike was reminded of the close boyhood bond he’d shared with his German shepherd.

“She’s my rock.” Cassie smiled down at Raven, giving her another scratch on the ear. “My canine BFF.”

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Tee O'Fallon has been a federal agent for twenty-two years, giving her hands-on experience in the field of law enforcement that she combines with her love of romantic suspense. Tee's job affords her the unique opportunity to work with the heroic and sexy men in law enforcement on a daily basis. For Tee, research is the easy part!

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