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#Tour | Review: SUMMER GIRL by A.S. Green + Excerpt + Giveaway

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Welcome to my #ReviewTourStop for Summer Girl by A.S. Green! :)

Title: Summer Girl
Author: A.S. Green
Publication Date: August 8, 2016
Genres: Entangled:
 Embrace, New Adult, Romance

A songwriter is nothing without his muse. Sucks that mine turns out to be Katherine D’Arcy––hot as hell, but the very definition of country-club living and everything I came to this quiet little island to escape. The last thing I need is some live-life-by-her-day-planner summer girl screwing with my head, but I can’t stop thinking about her…those curves, silky brown hair, and those eyes…I left that privileged world behind when I came up to Little Bear Island hoping for some inspiration to write my songs. But here I am still, two years later, unable to write crap. That is until Katherine showed up to tend the lighthouse for the summer and drive me crazy. With her here, the writing has never been better. If only there weren’t that one inconvenient truth I’ve been keeping from her… Because when she learns what I’ve been hiding, I know I will lose her forever.

It’s official. Katherine D’Arcy is the worst painter ever born. I chuckle low, under my breath. She’s so beautiful, I assumed it would translate into beauty at the end of her brush. Hardly.

Fuck, if she doesn’t look adorable trying to make something of the muddy puddle of paint. Annnd...now it’s dripping off the edge of the paper. So funny. So damn irresistible.

Why am I sitting so far away from her again? Oh, right. Because if I were any closer I’d have her on her back and neither of us would be getting anything done. This day is for her. Keep yourself in check.

Katherine frowns at her work, but I’ve got to give her credit. She doesn’t give up. I can admire that more than any painting. I wish for the same perseverance because the song I’m working on is seriously kicking my ass.

This is not because I’m distracted by Katherine. Far from it. I wouldn’t have the words I do have if not for her. She gives me so much to work with I don’t know where to start. She’s like a fairy princess sitting there on that mound. Her dark hair is set off against the lush green of the woods. Tiny red flowers lie like confetti in a circle around her. She leans in close to get a better look...

If I could paint a word-picture to capture this moment, and find exactly the right chords, this would be something to show Jordan. For now, there are only a few lyrics in my notebook:

Traveling girl, sets my heart in a whirl

Eyes so bright in a face so fair, painted flowers in her hair

Traveling girl, pack my bags and go

To a place I’ve never known

It’s close to something good. Not quite right, but there’s promise.


Summer Girl is a New Adult Romance Standalone book written by A.S. Green; I loved this story, and, well, it's an standalone so far, I don't know if she'd write about any other character who appeared in this book or anything, but I'd like to, seriously.

As the blurb says, a songwriter is nothing without his muse, and Bennet knows perfectly how it is and how it feels, you can say he's been through a block-author/songwriter phase, but when he meets the new girl, or summer girl, it seems that suddenly he can't stop writing about her, even if he thinks he knows the girls like Katherine, that she's like all what he ran away a long time ago from. For Katherine, life has been a little rough lately, all what she had planned for her summer, now is something completely different, she has to work if she wants to be back at college for the next semester and, nothing is what she expected, too. She likes having everything in order, knowing everything, and planing everything, sometimes it is helpful, but you can't plan what fall in love would be like, especially if there's a guy like Bennet implicated.

I loved this book, it was something new, and I haven't been reading NA lately, so reading an story like this one was... OMG, it was fascinating. It as a whole was fantastic, I think at first it was a little slow, but it ended being incredible. Both main characters had very similar lives, even if they didn't think so. One thing I really liked was reading about Katherine stepping out of her comfort zone, and that she wanted to... like find herself or think about what she really wanted for herself, was pretty good. And Bennet, this guy, it's been bad for him too, he ran away far from all what he knew all his life, and his parents weren't fine with it, so doing other things help him to not being homesick, because he doesn't really want to return to an awful life. And he is completely determined to have what he wants, and he's not shy when it comes to try to have it.

I liked how both of them complemented each other life in a uncommon way. And also, how things turned out to be. Not all was rosy, there were moments I seriously wanted to put some sense into Bennet and Katherine, but everything happens for a reason. Specially when their burble bursts and their pasts come to their present.
Summer girl is an sweet, not-light, cute romance, full of incredible moments and instant-chemistry between characters. It ended how I wanted but it would have been perfect, for me, if there were more of it. So I'm looking forward for A.S. new book, if she happens to be writing a new one. Congrats for you book, btw! And of course, I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good NA romance with great many unexpected twists.
Book: +5 amazing stars

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A. S. Green lives in the cold upper Midwest with her husband and three children. She spends summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for Summer Girl, and she is a sucker for down-to-earth heroes who work with their hands (if they play guitar, that’s an added bonus). She enjoys all things Irish––particularly music, dancing, and Jameson. When she’s not writing or reading romance, she’s traveling, camping, blogging for Writer Unboxed, and writing YA (under her real name). You can find her online at www.asgreenbooks.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook at @asgreenbooks.


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