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I was given an ARC of  Shift for an honest review, and that's exactly what I plan to do. Happy reading.

Number of pages:547

Book Bio ( PG.547)

Those who have power will often do anything to keep it. And if something, or someone, should come along that is a threat to that power, then they have two options: control or eliminate."

Imprisoned in the Criterion Sector, 17 year old Saige Matherson is a Deviation: a genetic anomaly that resulted from the dropping of a nuclear bomb over eighty years prior, during the Great War, creating people with telekinetic abilities. But is that all they can do? In a world where her kind is hunted, experimented on, and killed on a daily basis by the Phoenix, rather than treated equally, can she ever really be safe? And what is truly the limit to what Saige can do?

 REVIEW OF SHIFT:  First I would like to thank Ms. Geiger for having faith in me and choosing me to review her work, and for that I am honored. Now lets get on to the novel. When I first saw this book I was drawn in by the cover and its color scheme.(hence the colors of this post :) ) Seventeen year old Saige Matherson is imprisoned because she is different. Throughout this book the readers are given a sense of inner strength. Shift shows its reader that being different isn't a bad thing and that one should be proud of those differences. From beginning to end this book is cleaver and catchy. A spin on mutants and how the government want to use them as weapons. The best aspect of this novel in my opinion is Logan and Saige relationship. I wont spoil anything but they have a strong and unbreakable bond that is often tested. Shift is an action packed novel  that with stands a lot of obstacles. I will warn you that there is violence towards Deviations because they are prisoners so beware of that. But all in all I recommend this book for readers who enjoy SCI- FI, action and romance. Also I cant wait to read book Two ! I hope Saige keeps her promise. 

RATE: 8/10

Meet the author!
Melisa Geiger
                                                                                                        Melisa Geiger
Melisa Geiger was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, known as the Valley of the Sun (probably because it’s almost as hot as the sun). From early childhood she has had a strong passion for the written word. From poems, to speeches, to short stories, and even writing the online biography for an emerging actor/comedian (who also happens to be her brother). She loves to write stories that transport the readers from the real world to a world so enticing, with its limitless possibilities and powerful characters, that it stays with them long after the novel’s final punctuation. Melisa now lives with two of her brothers in California, spending her spare time reading, watching (possibly too many) superhero movies and movies based on novels, and creating short films with her brothers.

 Authors Instagram: melg_19 & melisargeiger

 My Instagram: niadarkoreads

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