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Book Review: Altered by Kelly Cain

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Kelly Cain

Expected publication: February 2nd, 2016

At first, I saw him as everyone else did.
But then, I saw him for who he really was.
Recognized the beauty beneath the pain.
Loved the quirks disguising the insecurity.
Embraced the man who hid behind the boy.
But there was so much more…
More I didn’t know.

And once I did, I couldn’t let go…
Of the boy.
The man.
The lover…

…even if his past is threatening
our future.
Nothing will alter what we’ve built.

**I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

As always happens when you read something in a foreign language, at first I had a bit of trouble following the track of this story, and the fact that it seemed a little long and the beginning wasn’t very attractive, apparently didn’t help it, but then I couldn’t stop to read, so it completely worth don’t sleep.

I'd decided to read it because I liked both the cover and the synopsis, but I must confess I didn’t know the author, and I’m still a little loss about her, and it’s mostly because of the fact that Altered is Kelly Cain’s debut novel, a multicultural/interracial story, which plunges us into Olivia’s life, a first-year law student who at her twenty-three years old, finds herself with a broken heart after all things with her fiancé end abruptly, and here Liv has to decide if her life needs to take a new approach, and is when the mysterious guy from her class, Nicholas, comes into.

Both characters are totally different, where Nicholas is pretty shy, Olivia has a very outgoing personality; at the same time both have stories and experiences quite different, and this makes going along the story to be exciting.

Nicholas is a very intelligent guy, and comes to Olivia’s life as a “hero”, he's who's there while Liv go through the post-engagement-breakup, and everything that this entails, he’s who listens, hugs, makes her laugh, and confuses completely. Here, one of the main topics of the story is the age, for be exactly, the difference between Olivia's twenty-three and Nicholas' eighteen; this is something we can see that for Olivia has relevance, because we note that most of the time Liv's feelings are withdrawn, but for me, it happened many times I forgot it, because it seemed that the ages had been changed, and Nicholas was older.

Even though isn’t until almost the end of the book where the real feelings by both characters are showed openly; and four or five years aren’t a lot, I always saw an almost, when I thought that finally she would admitted it, at the end she didn't; isn't something that makes the story boring or less interesting, it just makes you want to punch someone.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, Nicholas’ character is one that thoroughly delighted me, plus, the natural chemistry and the romance we can see that happens and is between they both, was something very attractive, and even when there was a few moments where it seemed pretty boring, and one or other scene where more than once I wanted to hit something; the story of these two is one that definitely must be read if you like the New Adult.

P.S. Sorry if there are misspellings

Book +4
Nicholas +1

* * *

About the Author
Kelly Cain

Kelly is a new adult and contemporary romance novelist. After many years of being entrenched in business and data analysis, she began writing last year and discovered it to be her passion. She loves reading most genres, but historical fiction and new adult are her favorites. She has two adult daughters and lives in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

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