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Book Review: First by M.A. Grant

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M.A. Grant


Best friends do everything together—including falling in love…

Maya and Cat have been there for each other through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the laughter and the heartache. But with college graduation on the horizon and real life looming, they find themselves facing an uncertain future: one where not even friendship can save them from confusing choices, bad decisions, and the risks of falling in love.
Maya knows that love only leads to pain, and the best relationships are short—one night short. But after waking up with Jake, her best friend’s older brother, in her bed, suddenly things aren’t as cut and dry. Cat and Jake are close, a tight unit since their parents’ death, and Cat will never forgive her if Jake gets hurt. Jake is a firefighter, and is used to running into flames—not away from them, and Maya can’t seem to resist. But she’s already decided her future, and it’s far away from here. The only way to get what she’s always wanted is to burn every bridge behind her, and destroy the possibility of a future with the one man she may be willing to love.
When Cat Jacobs’s parents died while she was in high school, her brother’s best friend Dallas Miller was there to help pick up the pieces. Several years and a looming college graduation later, Cat’s motorcycle-riding, tattooed knight is about to ride off into the sunset—and leave her in his dust. She only has six days to convince him to fulfil her secret fantasy of having him for her first before he’s gone forever. She’s stubborn and he’s tempted, but this is a battle for more than just some time in the bedroom—it’s a fight for both their futures.


**I received a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Two stories, one book.

It’s a little difficult to do this, so let's see how this ends…

This is one book with two stories, not so different, but at the end they're distinct stories. As a short introduction, Maya and Cat are best friends, Jake and Dallas are best friends, Cat and Jake are siblings. The book takes place years after Jake and Cat's parents' death. In the first story this fact is always present somehow, and in the second is just the opposite.

First book, Maya and Jake’s.

This begins when Maya wakes after a drunken night and with a boy beside her, who’s none other than her best friend’s brother, Jake; Maya and Jake hate each other and even though their relationship is a hate/love one, they admit that sleeping together can ruin their relationship, in particular with Cat, which is why it cannot happen again. 
However, they can’t deny and neither hide that they feel attracted. After this event both try to avoid each other, but having Cat between them, they cannot do it at all, and as the story goes we see the obvious sexual tension that exists.
After Jake’s parents’ death, he became in a firefighter so he could take properly care of her little sister, giving her all what she needs. Somehow, Maya always throw it in Jake's face, and ends putting to Cat as an "but" of why their relation cannot, or shouldn't, happen, although are Maya's fears which don't allow her accept her love for Jake. When Jake already did.
In my opinion, the character of Maya isn't very nice, she's rather annoying, and the fact she acts like a b***h with Jake just made me don't like her more.
But anyway, in this story we see how Maya and Jake discover/accept the love that always was there, but not when they expected it.

Book two, Cat and Dalla’s

Dallas is Cat's brother's best friend, and for whom she has always had a crush, at the same time, Dallas has also had one for her from the beginning, but he doesn't let us see as obvious as Cat. After her parents' death, Dallas moved out with them to
helped Jake to take care of her. In the first story, we see to Dallas and Cat being so affectionate and flirtatious with each other, even in front of Jake, but he seems don't think is something more than just a game.
In short, Cat is about to graduate college and before it happens she wants to lose her V-card, is why the story takes place with Cat wanting to lose it and choosing Dallas to "help" her. Dallas knows that if Jake finds it out he'll kill him for touch his little sister in that way, but she keeps saying him that Jake doesn't have to know and that no friendship would be ruined. Cat is very stubborn, and Dallas is tempted, as the same author describes and it's easy to see.
See Cat trying to make him change his mind truly enjoyed me, BUT for my liking she seemed a little too desperate to achieve it. Although I accept that I loved their story, I think it should be longer than half book, or at least with an epilogue, so I really feel it was missing something.

First, is the first book I've read by M.A. Grant, the truth is I think the synopsis tells too much, it might have been better if she let more things in the shadows, but whatever... I also had a love/hate feeling for this book, I enjoyed it but at the same I hated some parts of it, and I think because of this it took me so long to write this review.
All in all, both girls are about to graduate college so they know their lives will take a new path, although they're not so sure which it would be, also there are decisions and some risks they might take. The book is about the future, friendship and, of course, love.
If you like the New Adult, this is a book you might like and enjoy.
Book 1: 3.5
Book 2: 4.5
= 4.0

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About the Autor

Marion Audrey Grant is fortunate to live in the rugged beauty of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. She's believed in happy endings and true love since she was very young, when her parents would read her Mercer Meyer's books Beauty and the Beast and East of the Sun, West of the Moon. At the time, she could only look at the pictures and pretend to understand the words. Later in life, the realization that she had stories of her own to tell would lead her to graduate college with majors in Creative Writing and English.
Thanks to her husband’s unending support, she now works as a scribe to the intelligent women and wounded heroes who need their stories told.

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