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Book Review "The Covered" by Alexis Nicole White

Upon graduating from Purdue University, Alexis Nicole White decides to relocate to the Land of Opportunity - Atlanta, Georgia.

While in pursuit of her dreams, her passion for journalism grows cold. After meeting a variety of people who pledged to help her, Alexis is introduced to a world of trouble. Realizing all that glitters is not gold, Alexis finds herself in the middle of drama that is full of deceit and mischief.

After being betrayed by a friend, she's left all alone in a strange city. Tormented by her decisions, Alexis has to decide what is best for her sanity. Not sure who to trust, Alexis decides to activate her faith in God, Proving that she is Covered, above all.

Will she return home as a failure? Or, will she conquer the fight of her life to survive the mean streets of Atlanta?


Before i begin to speak of the book i want to once again thank Alexis for being so kind in sending me her book after i contacted her , i promise to make you proud with this review of your awesome book.

When accepting to be mailed this book it was in exchange of an honest review and that is what i plan to do. I did not know what to expect i read the short synopsis of the book but in reality i still was not sure what was coming my way. The book "The Covered" has three saying that capture and inspires especially any women to pursuit better. [Be Transparent. Be Fearless. Be Resilient.] Alexis recently had moved to Atlanta, Georgia in a way to try to find better and at a young age with a bit of pocket change she went after her dreams and left her hometown of Gary, Indiana. She never suspected to hit so many unexpected bumps in her new path with her dreams. She was encountered in many let downs especially from the men in her life which continuously lied about their relationship status i honestly honor her from uprising to actually living in her car to be such a successful women today. (I applaud you!!) While her book had me with so many mixed emotions from feeling mad/sad with her and at moments actually having to stop and read the line a couple of times because it actually made me know that things do happen for a reason. God and continued to sacrifice everything to continue her journey. Throughout her journey she discovers there is no such thing as a 'Perfect Man' because everyone has something or does something that you may not like but that does not make that man not fit for you, just try to accommodate yourself with the issue and better it until you both can build a healthy relationship at the end that is what matters right?
RATING: 4/5 stars

Be transparent. Be Fearless. Be resilient.

Review Done By: Gesselle Velez
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Pictures of the book "The Covered" throughout the process of reading!


Alexis Nicole White is a new upcoming author of a book entitled "The Covered" in which is based on a true story of herself. She is also an inspirational speaker and single mother whom speaks to women of all ways to maintain a healthy relationship.

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