Review: Colors Of Immortality by J.M. Muller

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I was given an ARC of Colors Of Immortality by J.M. Muller in exchange for an honest review and that's what I plan to do. So let's get started :-)

Pages 257

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Thatcher has accepted some hard truths. He knows his parents are junkies, his ex-girlfriend’s a cheater, and he’s one write-up away from losing his job. But what he’s unwilling to accept is that his friend,Tony, skipped town for no reason. So when Daniel finds a map Tony left behind, he follows it to a remote section of the Cascade Mountains.

It’s a land filled with haunting shadows and crowded trees—an area untouched by man. Or so Daniel thinks. Not long after arriving in the woods, Daniel discovers inhabitants living in the heart of the forest. Despite their peculiar behavior, the reclusive residents posses an allure that goes far beyond their beauty. But beneath their lovely exterior rests a sinister secret, one that’s both lethal and tragic.

It seems the dead don’t always stay buried. Now Daniel’s forced to accept the hardest truth of all: monsters do exist, and if they have it their way, he’ll soon become one of them


First things first, I just want to say that Ms.Muller is one awesome lady. She is kind and polite. Now on to my thought of Colors Of Immortality. This was a great and amazing read! Every page was mind gripping. I didn't want to put it down. The main character Daniel Thatcher is a wild card driven by his emotions. He set himself on a course to find answers, and this leads him on a dangerous path. The beginning of the story had me at first. I was relived it wasn't just a book of teenage heart break and redemption. But it was actually pretty dark and mysterious. With a light hint of Gore and romance. Which in my opinion is perfect.

I won't spill the beans on any major parts.. but I will say you might cry... Well I did with the lost of a certain character. Colors Of Immortality was a fast read for me because I couldn't put it down. Once you get into the swing of things you have to know what happens. And it certainly wasn't a disappointment. I can't wait for the sequel. 

My rating is a 5/5 stars
Meet the author!
J.M. Muller lives in Oregon with her husband, twin boys , and her darling fur babies. She has a plethora of skills (okay, that's a lie), but does enjoy writing and creating - to the very best of her abilities.

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