Book Review 'Unrequited' By anna harris

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A lil bit about Anna Harris
Anna Harris is an Australian author I met through my bookstagram and was delighted by the way we communicated with each other. I noticed right away that she is very nice person with the bit we talked. I was glad she was able to send me her book 'Unrequited' an be able to make a honest review about it.

Book Review

'Unrequited' is a novella that was in such short pages became highly intense. When I first received the book I knew right I was going to finish it because of the short amount of pages but I never did believe I would actually feel scared at times. The novella dealt with a beauty of a girl that could be actually dangerous. With Eve falling in love with a bad boy and receiving mysterious calls from someone who is stalking her can cause serious problems. After Eve father's death she was very sad but when she spots a bad boy outside of her school they both immediately seem to have chemistry. But with the stalker calling her and scaring her it was creating difficulty to move forward with her romance with Shannon (The bad boy).  With parts in the book that actually scared me and made me just want to know what happened its what I believe made me finish even faster. I highly recommend this book and recommend to not read at night.

Thanks again Anna for trusting me and sending me your book and wish to work again with your work!

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