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Review: I Heart Geeks (Anthology)

April 14, 2016, 0 Comments | Comentarios

Hello you all! Welcome to my review for I <3 Geeks this is an anthology so yep, they're various authors. Anyway, I hope you like it :)

"I <3 Geeks" is a celebration of all those wonderful, attractive, and brainy geek guys and gals we love!

Cat-ch Me If You Can, Batman by Stephanie Kayne
Attending her first con as Catwoman, Julie Ward decides to embrace her inner Catwoman and sink her claws into a charmingly dimpled Batman but not all is well at the comic convention. This new dynamic duo has a villain in their midst.

Goldstar by Layla Kelly
Geeky blogger Willow Wisp just landed the interview her fledgling career needed. But when the up-and-coming actor turns out to be her first love, they both discover that even after ten years sparks still fly between them.

In Love & Lore by Rae Lori
After being saved by a literal knight, cosplayer and GrimDark FutureWorld enthusiast Kendra has to decide if the man inside the armor is worth some offline time.

The Whedonite by Aria Glazki
Shy bookstore manager Mira just got a hot new neighbor. Too bad a guy like that can't like a spaz like her. Right?

Love in Armor by Kristyn F. Brunson
Dean is at GameCon to meet--for the first time in real life--the girl of his dreams, Rose. He knows they're a perfect match. Hopefully, he can convince her before she finds out his secret.

The Grand Tour by Leslie Ann Brown
Armed with a box of donuts and a too tight outfit, Penny sneaks into the lab of Dr. Ian Rauch, hoping to convince him of her sister's eligibility for his experimental drug trial. But when she comes face-to-face with the shy scientist, Penny discovers that she may have also found the cure to her loneliness.

Finding Our Way by Bella James

When her high school crush returns home, Ainsley Connors suddenly finds herself neck deep in meddling family and maybe, just maybe, a chance at true love.

** I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review **

First, sorry for the late review, I was supposed to post before yesterday but college kept me busy the last week. And now I have enough time to write.

So... first time I write a review for an anthology. In general, I completely and totally loved it! I'm always up for whatever geek-related thing, and when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. And of course, it didn’t disappoint me, because it was so good.

This time we have seven short stories —all of them with one or two geeks main characters, some settled in a comic convention, and others not, but they still had the nerdy-thing. I really enjoyed every and single story, all their different instant love/chemistry—even the second chances, or just the finally-admittance of their love— were pretty good and sweet, all of them different from the next or previous and by the end I was too sad because all them had finished, most of the time I was hoping there would be more of them, but no :( But it was too short, you know? I know, that is the idea of an anthology, but there were really good plots for books —or at least stories longer than these ones. Anyway, I love it!

I'm happy because I understood most of the references, I have to say that I'm not a lot into comics, but you have to know that not all stories were comic-related, so I was fine, and you’ll be too.

How they fell in love, how they met their lover, how they found love in the ways they did, wow! Also, something I liked was the female characters, these girls knew what they did, knew what they wanted, and such sexy man they all got. Together —each one with his/her couple made my read, a lot much better.

So overall, I liked all these geek short romances, the way all them seem to have all the good parts of this geeky-world, I highly recommend it. By the way, the writing —in general— was good.
Book: +4.5


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